Protect the independent core intellectual property rights of JASMINER to build core competitiveness

2022-05-09 0 By

Computing power is the core productivity to promote the sustainable and healthy development of digital economy, and its importance is increasingly prominent.Countries around the world have introduced a series of measures to speed up the construction of new infrastructure systems with computing power and network as the core, and accelerate the layout of computing power-related industries.Nowadays, computing power chip is given more and more technical development task.In order to meet the demands of high performance and low carbon environmental protection under the development of computing power economy, JASMINER has developed a new generation of high-throughput computing power chip “JASMINER X4″ after 3 years of development and multi-scene verification, relying on the original industrialization experience of chip research and development, based on the independent core technology of integrated memory and computing, and focusing on key problems with the company’s scientific research forces.”JASMINER X4” chip adopts independently developed instruction set, based on 3D heterogeneous integration and high bandwidth technology, supports the high-throughput data path between 384 computing cores and 384 in-chip cache. The bus width is 512 bits, the main frequency is 800MhZ-1ghz, and the maximum bandwidth is 24TB/s.Achieve outstanding computational performance advantages, low power consumption.In today’s world, the balance of international power is undergoing profound adjustment, and the innovation-driven development strategy is being thoroughly implemented. Protecting intellectual property rights means protecting innovation.JASMINER is well aware that intellectual property is the intellectual achievement of human beings and the intellectual product obtained by intellectual workers through innovation, which contains great value. Only by increasing the application of intellectual property can it better serve the high-quality development of economic society.Based on a deep understanding of application scenarios and customer needs, combined with the commercialization practice of computing power application projects, JASMINER has explored a development path suitable for “high-throughput and low-power” computing power chips. At present, JASMINER has possessed a high-throughput computing power chip r&d platform with completely independent intellectual property rights.A series of technological innovations have ensured that the core intellectual property rights of chips can be controlled independently.Since its global expansion in 2021, “JASMINER X4” chip has been successfully applied in blockchain devices and has been recognized by industry experts and scholars as well as mainstream customers.Now, “JASMINER X4” chip is not only an innovative chip developed independently, bearing the mission of globalization of key equipment and core devices of digital economy, but also bearing the heavy task of supporting the economic development of computing power, and helping the development of key equipment and core devices of computing power to diversified scientific and technological fields.Independent core technologies are important to a country, and independent intellectual property rights are core competitiveness. Only knowledge innovation can hold the destiny and hold the future.In the future, JASMINER will continue to uphold the innovative spirit of “independent research and development”, continue to guarantee the independent control of core intellectual property rights, give full play to the leading advantages of high-throughput chip technology, and provide global users with low power consumption, high efficiency and high reliable computing power connections, while allowing users to enjoy better computing power services.