DNF: The level 110 version has empty blood flow, the less HP you have, the stronger your character is, but you can’t use red eye

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This set only red eye can not wear, I really take, this is your favorite game planning, for red eye, please other professions, have nothing to say.Red eyes means everyone’s going crazy except me.A glance to the national uniform is all berserker set, everyone training field soldiers.DNF: Level 110 empty blood flow: the less HP you have, the stronger your character will be.The lower the blood is, the stronger the class is. Now it is very interesting that you can’t use the equipment to fight with empty blood.Return to red eye or flat X warrior version, the answer is nostalgic clothing, at that time I did not dare to call red eye friends to my home to play X key to you Yang.The key is that scraping damage can not control monsters, to use control skills to hit toughness bar, otherwise the monster is a building bully, and let the player find some interesting equipment combination on the chop.Red eye can not use the second, asura is more suitable for this set, back to blue effect pull full.Vaguely remember asura before engraved level 5 or level 4 does not consume blue, full point is two points per second, killing wave is more consumption, before back to blue all by throwing Molotov cocktails to burn themselves.There will be a equipment ranking and milk ranking, and then copy all T0 or T1 series, Hanbok is still not good, the growth of the entry over 60 or more full level unknown, free collocation currently there is no T0 series collocation.DNF: 110 level version empty blood flow, HP less role is stronger, red eye can not use, play krypton gold + colorless set ah, red eye local players so much, certainly much stronger than this civilian suit, like the pursuit of the strongest certainly is this kind of.No money bleeding abnormal combos to their own combination of bai.Play the career back to blue fast enough or money more medicine, abnormal double abnormal career customization can also go beyond this set, the key is to see how to use, there is no absolute invincibility of a set, the effect and cost is always proportional.Note: The above content is purely the personal opinion of small guide jun, views have nothing to do with the platform!Article original, picture source network, such as infringement please contact the author to delete.Without permission, prohibit reprint!Like the player can like attention, every day there are new game information and skills, every night around 10 o ‘clock, unified reply to the player’s message and questions!The next few issues are the Spring Festival version and level 110 replica tiles and upgrade details, interested players please pay attention to.Summary: The lower health, the higher damage?Empty blood effect full, everyone is mad, except red eye can not use this set.