Xuzhou 8 children mother chain woman reasonable ending

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Really brave warrior, dare to face bleak life, dare to face dripping blood!After all, the boiling of public opinion is to have a result, I give this story a reasonable ending!Yang Mou Xia to another abducted identity by xuzhou city government highly medical treatment, stay in Xuzhou, in view of its mental damage, there is a special person to take care of its life in the future.Their minor children are protected by similar privileges from having contact with their father’s family.The other abductees are plausible, but not from Nanchong, Sichuan.The REQUEST for DNA verification from Uncle Li Ying and her father’s comrade-in-arms will be granted, but there is no match.The matching test was provided by Li Ying’s mother.Li ying’s family will receive preferential treatment from the government and will be able to freely contact and exchange feelings with Yang in Xuzhou.The search for the missing Yunnan Flower plum will continue.For dong mou and its accomplice of a variety of criminal acts to prosecute.Xuzhou involved in the announcement of fraud and dereliction of duty will be severely punished, especially those who intentionally report false information to subordinates.Most importantly, the provincial government will take the lead in clearing up cases of abducted women and children in all counties and towns in Xuzhou, welcome outside supervision and reporting, and provide regular reports on the results of the work to the public.In the process of the improvement of technological means and the gradual improvement of the legal system in the current society, we must thoroughly wash away the evil once hidden, and resolutely defend the development direction and bright future of this new world.