Why did this restaurant in Urumqi cause such a big dispute? Customers wanted to eat the king’s meal

2022-05-08 0 By

This evening, I had a dinner party in a restaurant on the road of Urumqi Gymnasium. When I went out to get wind in the middle of the meal, I suddenly heard loud and noisy voices in the lobby. The customers were very excited and shouted to the waiter, “Call your manager, how can you serve food like this?It turned out that the customer had been ordering for more than an hour, but the dishes did not arrive. Five dishes were served in more than an hour, and one was served in more than 20 minutes. When the next dish came, the last one was already cold and could not be eaten at all.There are old people, there are children, such a way of serving food really makes people angry, the atmosphere of eating together is completely gone, only anger and helplessness.The customer said he didn’t need to serve the rest of the dishes, and he didn’t pay for the dishes already served, so he left.This is the king’s meal.Finally, I did not know how to solve the problem. When I was about to leave the restaurant after finishing my meal, another table of customers said to the waiter in the lobby, “How can food be served like this? The staple food such as momos and cakes were served first.There seems to be a problem with the restaurant’s delivery process.Serving food is a knowledge, I hope this restaurant to study hard, serious rectification.