Method of using gear heater

2022-05-08 0 By

Today to introduce the use of gear heater Changzhou Lefeng Automation Equipment Co., LTD. Installation and debugging: 1, the host is placed horizontally on the support or table and fixed;The control box is placed horizontally on the ground and maintained stable;2, 380 v power supply access control box: check carefully whether the connection is wrong, to ensure good contact, reliable grounding: 3, close the air switch and shunt air switch, some of these people when the red light, the machine is in standby mode: the activity yoke iron 4, reach the highest opening (maximum), place the artifacts between host yoke iron surface and activities, and artifacts in the core.1, the workpiece is placed between the host iron core and yoke iron and ensure that the workpiece is in the middle of the iron core, put down the movable yoke iron, make it close to the workpiece;2. Set the function selection switch to manual position, press the start button, the host will work, and the timer will start.When the workpiece is heated to the required temperature for assembly;Note down the heating time and press the stop button.When the host machine stops working, the workpiece can be removed for assembly;3, when batch the same specifications of the workpiece, just put the function switch in the automatic position, and set the timer to manually recorded by heating of time value, mount artifacts, press start button to start the heating, when heated to set the time (that is, to achieve the required temperature rise), automatic stop heating: 4, after completion of work, close the branch air switch and total air switch.