Jingxing add another national “VIP”

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The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has approved the trademark of “Jingxing Lianqiao” for geographical indication certification.It is understood that jingxing apple, Jingxing Flower pepper, Jingxing kiln, Jingxing red bean, Jingxing black pork, Jingxing black bean, Jingxing blueberry, Jingxing lianqiao, jingxing currently has 8 national geographic indication certification trademarks.In recent years, Jingxing vigorously implements the trademark brand strategy, taking it as an important starting point to boost the establishment of regional public brand of agricultural products, promote high-quality agricultural special products to “go out”, improve competitiveness, increase people’s income, achieve income increase and get rich, and help rural revitalization.Jing Xing is a pure mountain county, the large-scale development of agricultural products is congenital deficiency, but it has its own unique core competitiveness of “intensive farming, traditional handicraft production and high mountain, organic, pollution-free quality assurance, as well as unique cultural connotation”, creating regional brand of agricultural products advantage.Next, jingxing will continue to revolve around agricultural regional public brand creation, through the mode of 1 + N (a village party branch LingBan N cooperatives), increase the intensity of brand protection, publicity and promotion, on the basis of the unified brand, unified packaging can do culture articles, constantly improve the jingxing characteristic transformation of agricultural products brand value and effect of enriching people,Make it become jingxing rural industry revitalization, farmers increase income solve the “golden key”.Jingxing is a traditional taihang Mountain authentic traditional Chinese medicine main production area, the planting of forsythia has a long history and high quality, according to the authority of the detection of jingxing forsythia rutin, forsythia side and other effective medicinal ingredients content is far higher than the national pharmacopoeia standards.In August 2021, it was listed in hebei Province genuine Chinese herbal medicine industry cluster.Forsythia is full of treasure and has great medicinal and economic value.The flower is rich in rutin, which can soften blood vessels. The leaves can be made into tea, green drinks, fruits and other medicines. It is one of the main raw materials for making Yinqiao antidote pill, Shuanghuanglian, lotus Qingwen capsule and other medicines.In recent years, Jingxing County to develop Chinese herbal medicine industry, issued the “Forsythia Industry Development Plan (2020-2025)”, to create 300,000 mu of forsythia planting base.Up to now, the county forsythia planting area reached more than 200,000 mu, built more than 1,000 mu forsythia planting base demonstration point 5.Planting forsythia, not only green barren mountains, but also become an effective way for the masses to get rich and increase income.In the Reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, Jinglianqiao tea was offered as a tribute by emperor Jiajing, who was seeking immortality.In order to complete the tribute task, every family regardless of farming are busy picking tea, the lighting on the ground, the body tied rope to the cliff cliff picking, so every year fell to death many tea picking people, including a surname “Ren”, name “million” people.Jingxing City, a man named “Wudu Tang” sitting in the court, heard this indignant, in public with colleagues said: “for the emperor to pick tea, fell to the death of one million (Ren Million).When emperor Jiajing heard this, he was surprised: “I have lost millions of lives picking tea for me. What should I do?”Such a large casualty, because of their own and up, Jiajing emperor avoided in-depth investigation, immediately under the decree, from the difficult people tea picking.Mid qing dynasty, there’re so many people are at the crossroads of JiJin village in Beijing leather line of business, medicine, garment, such as trade name, office and storage department (responsible for purchasing the palace) keeping up a good relationship, casual are they brought into the house, empress dowager cixi appearance after taste of yue said “is delicious than longjing tea”, so the forsythia tea for hundreds of years and has become the tributes.Fortunately, there was a man in the village who was good at painting plum blossom, known as plum Section, who was a painter in the palace and appreciated by the Empress Dowager. He took an opportunity to paint with Cixi and told the story of the people who fell to their death on the cliff picking tea.Upon hearing this, Cixi immediately dropped her cup and decreed the abolition of forsythia tribute tea.After pro book “welfare” two words for plaque gift plum section, the village people to take forsythia tea known as “Fu Lu qiao”.The plaque has been missing since 1966.The author | Duan Jianbin edit | xiao-hong han mailbox | jingxingfabu@163.com