Firecrackers rang out the old year

2022-05-08 0 By

In order to further inherit and carry forward Chinese traditional culture, promote communication and exchanges between children in the community.On the afternoon of January 26, yaoxi community cultural auditorium united with the 11th social work service center carried out the “firecrackers sound to say farewell to the old Year” handmade activities, in advance to feel the festive atmosphere of the New Year.At the beginning of the activity, the social worker explained the making process and matters needing attention to the children in detail.After getting the material package, the children rolled the red paper into the shape of a cylinder according to the method explained by the social worker, and then pasted the small yellow paper on one end of the cylinder to turn it into a small firecracker. Finally, they tied the six small firecrackers together with the red rope, and then the firecracker was made by hand.Children cooperate with each other, community staff guidance, the whole room is happy and harmonious, after more than an hour of efforts, a delicate and unique manual New Year firecrackers hanging ornaments on the present in front of everyone.The red firecrackers hanging ornaments are full of lunar New Year flavor, it is very festive.This activity, let the children play in meaningfully in unconsciously learned in culture of the motherland, buried under the root of national culture, casting the soul of national culture, it is no longer just cultivate children’s ability, but also extend for national splendid culture heritage, for the future of the nation to build a solid backing of the profound effect.