Due to the impact of the epidemic in Xi ‘an, I often have insomnia at night, do not want to socialize and have no mood for the Spring Festival

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From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the epidemic in Xi ‘an finally came to an end, and the Lunar New Year is coming soon.It would have been a double blessing, but for me there was some concern, not about the city or anything, but about me.As a matter of fact, the epidemic has had a great impact on me in the past year. The most direct one was the shutdown of my work unit. Naturally, I could not make money after the shutdown, and I could not maintain my normal life without making money.And shutdown a month I need to use the money of other months to make up for the expenses of the last month, so a ring set a ring down, to the year before, the coins in the pocket is naturally little left.After experiencing the epidemic in 2020, I originally thought that I would have a great future in 2021. However, at the beginning of last year, the situation was ok, the business of my work unit was relatively normal, and my income also recovered to the previous state. One advantage of this is that I can maintain the normal life before.This situation lasted until about July last year. Due to a small situation in Xi ‘an, our unit stopped work for another month. Although it is a small thing to stop work for a month, I am still a little nervous.Some people might say it’s just a month, but don’t you save money?To be honest, I do want to save and I keep saving, but the amount of money I can save is very small and I can’t really afford to spend it.For example, I was hospitalized last winter. I thought it was just a small cold and cough, but when I went to the hospital, I found out that I had to get an injection, which lasted for a week, and I could only go to the doctor once every two days. I could only make an appointment during the daytime, so I had to ask for leave.For example, if you save 10,000 yuan at the end of the year, but end up spending half of your money on injections, how would you feel?But that’s the way it is, and I don’t want to but THERE’s nothing I can do about it.Sure, I had some money in my pocket, but it might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me it was a big deal.On the one hand, I need to leave some money for my family at the end of the year. After all, I seldom contact with my family when I go out. My parents always manage everything at home, and I can’t help myself at ordinary times.On the other hand, the children of relatives have to give New Year’s money, now the market in Xi ‘an is not low, listen to many colleagues and friends say that they give three or five hundred, I am not so rich, in the past is 200 per person, even so also have to come up with a budget of several thousand yuan, at present, this money is not collected back.Do you have to buy something for Chinese New Year?At the end of the year, I have to pay the rent of the second year. After deducting the money, can I still save money?I am not a person with strong ability, and my income is very poor. I am not as great as those young people on the Internet who can easily reach tens of thousands of yuan. Even so, I still work very hard in my life.I also admire many of the same age, usually have no matter of the time like to go to the mall bookstore reading, with a good book to do activities also can buy, this is my only hobby, sometimes passing some coffee and milk tea shop, see the inside of the teens (and many students) the 3322 drinking expensive drinks with the latest mobile phone, to tell the truth would envy.In fact, I am not incapable of doing so, but this money seems to have other uses for me. If a cup of coffee can be sold at 25 yuan, then I can eat noodles for two and a half days with this money. Compared with that, I think eating is more important.My income is not particularly low, at least a little more than the hotel receptionist or supermarket tally clerk, but this does not mean THAT I am better than them, on the contrary, I feel more failure.My relatives were working as tallying clerks in shopping malls, and their monthly income was really meager, but my relatives were very satisfied with it. After all, people at that time did not go to school very much, and it was hard for them to get a foothold in today’s society without knowledge, so it was hard for them to have a job.But I am different. I have left home and studied in Xi ‘an for four years. It is true that I have learned knowledge, but so what?I am still a worker, even worse than my parents, who did what they had to do in their generation, and I am so lost now.In fact, it doesn’t mean much to say my story. After all, it is the sadness of the small people. However, there are too many such sadness in today’s society, and no one will care about it.During the epidemic in Xi ‘an, the city was shut down for a month, during which I almost didn’t go out except to buy vegetables and make nucleic acid. I don’t know if I was depressed because I stayed in a confined space for too long. During that time, I slept very late every day, almost at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the middle of the night, and even couldn’t sleep all night.Insomnia is not terrible, terrible is that there is no reason for insomnia, remember that outbreak at the beginning of 2020, to be honest is also very late every day, but at that time every night in the chat with friends, play games, or don’t have things to do also feel boring, this year is different, I had no one to play games, also few people chat,Even after a few words of conversation, no one heard from me.Because of the epidemic, the company informed that the payment of wages will be delayed, which is not important, what is important is that there are some difficulties in life at present, but also reflect on their own, an old age but still do not have what technical content of work, at the same time have to worry about their own future, but what else to do?If I do lose my job one day, I have nowhere to go.Every day I pass by my village and look at the bustling people, sometimes I feel happy. It is one of the few times in the day when I feel good. On the one hand, I can feel the smell of fireworks from people like me in the city, and on the other hand, maybe food can really make people happy.I seldom cook at ordinary times, but I usually buy food, but my income is not enough to support me to eat, so I have to calculate what to eat every day, usually in the morning is relatively simple, two steamed buns or one dish jia mo is about the same, drink nothing but go to work for tea, tea is the reception of work.At noon, there is usually a bowl of noodles. The price in the alley next to the unit is very low, less than 10 yuan can eat a bowl. The disadvantage is that you will be hungry in the afternoon.If I get tired of eating noodles one day, I will change the flavor occasionally, but I will switch between cold skin and casserole pot, and the unit price is no more than 15 yuan.Compared with lunch, the most abundant dinner should be dinner. There are many kinds of dinner in urban villages, and there will be something popular here within three days. As for the taste, I dare not expect much, that is, to taste something fresh.Urban villages of food in the past, people always think good and inexpensive, but according to my living for so many years of experience, it seems that theory is not set up now, just remember the university graduation of time, cost five yuan can in urban villages eat very full, and the taste is very good, in addition to eat noodles now almost no cheap rice, just buy a 20-30 simply doesn’t like to eat good,In summer, two people eat barbecue for more than 100.I don’t mean that I can’t afford to eat, just that I have to think about the future, more than a hundred meals once in a while to try fresh food, but like a lot of young people to casually pick up, to tell the truth, I can’t do, is really not that courage.Basically, I spend less than 30 yuan a day on food, and occasionally I will eat some good food, such as steamed dumplings or calabash head. However, the price of food has become more and more expensive in the past years, and if the price continues to rise so much, I can only eat for two.If it weren’t for the outbreak, I really don’t know if I had the gift of cooking, in order to eat hot pot before buy a induction cooker, how do the results haven’t been used, the outbreak was put to use, listen to a friend said he lived still use gas to cook, so he didn’t induction cooker, the results don’t have gas in the home, also play for a long time to put on the gas.I am different, induction cooker still is convenient, quantity of heat is tall also, hold not heat sometimes namely, the door cannot go out of course also not so exquisite, can eat went.Xi ‘an is now unlock, literally go to a supermarket or mall to see the scene of people mountain people sea, but these seem has nothing to do with me, I can do or step-by-step to work every day from work to have a meal, because many restaurant in the village is no longer operating, so the choice of eating less, but that is nothing, now I am used to cook.Are looking forward to the future, but can do change too little, if improve skills to be able to get more income, but now I don’t have the time and money, if continue to do the job, saying hard obedient seems to have no future, but at the current income, in addition to maintain daily life, saving money can only be used for emergency, which have extra money to do other?I wonder how many people are like me?How did you manage under the circumstances?To tell the truth, I am quite afraid of the Chinese New Year now, my hometown childhood playmates have grown up, many people have no longer go back, go back to the people who mix well also mix badly, but we have no common language, most is to take time to eat a meal to play cards, for this kind of dinner I am more resistant,I find it boring to listen to someone I haven’t talked to for a long time, but sometimes I can’t do it because of my face.Because last year gave birth to a disease and the cause of the outbreak earlier this year, the left pocket the money really is not much, the life do not have what problem, after the normal work or plan to go home, just really don’t mind the Chinese New Year, more than the Chinese New Year I want to talk to a family reunion, although family is nagging, but for a long time not see the in the mind thoughts have a place, is also a happy thing.Of course, no matter how year still get, should rest to oneself when resting still want to rest, the unit is still going to work at present, finish work time to be determined, but affirmation is before Chinese New Year, go home to do not have what problem so, just go back this year may be a few shabby, walk relative what can be avoided be avoided!Of course, this is just current thinking, and many times change is better than plan.The New Year to tell the truth, my heart did not plan, only hope to be stable in the quest for change, also do not want to be able to get the chance to get rich, just do not like before so toss about.