Around the sofa to accompany the New Year

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In addition to the old year, the New Year, once again, the Chinese New Year.In memory of the year, steaming, is the mother package of round dumplings, is dad stuck to the door of the festive Spring Festival couplets, is wanli return, open the door at that moment, the head on the warm;It is the gathering of friends and relatives, from family and country affairs to personal situation, laughing and yan yan, happiness and enron…Family sitting, lights amiable.Not only Chinese New Year, a great happiness in life is also the same, by the company of family boil and become, broken but precious, can resist the worldly hard myriad.This is also one of the happiness concepts advocated over the years, “happiness does not depend on how much you can control, but how much is around you”, the accessible happiness into thousands of families, there is love in the home, everywhere is warm, between the left and right, all is happiness.Around family reunion reunion, is our deepest obsession for years, or for parents, or for lovers, or for friends……There may be different reasons to go, but there is only one place to arrive, and that is home.”Home should be the temple of love, joy and laughter,” kimura said.You attach great importance to the company between family members and put forward the concept of “sofa time”, advocating high-quality company with family members sitting on the sofa, putting down the mobile phone and immersing yourself physically and mentally. You can open your heart together, share happiness or troubles, and collect unique and warm memories.A day, a month, a year…About in the accumulation of time, material selection, design, production, professional focus, excellence, the accumulation of short step to thousands of miles, small flow into rivers and seas, the craftsman’s idea, there will be echoes.Finally, the sofa achieves the professional height of “sofa expert”. The quality sofa contains the exhaustion and tiredness of returning people, witnesses the gathering and laughter of family members, and carries the story of reunion one after another.Life is not elsewhere, it is now, it is every day.Lower the head, look back, left, right look forward to, turn around, head up, you see every scenery, is happiness.Read all prosperous myriad, less than family reunion.This Spring Festival, around to accompany you, with company, deeply confessions, so that reunion more full, more strong.Around the company of people get together family get together, need the full support of warm and harmonious space in the home.From sofa items to guest dining and bedroom furniture, this is not only the continuous enrichment of its own product line, but also the efforts, innovation and breakthrough made by about to better accompany and reunion time between families after understanding people’s constantly upgrading household needs.The open layout makes the space more coherent, the vision is wider, and the proportion is more harmonious.The guest restaurant is not cut off, but connected with the sofa, to enhance the interaction of space, enhance the emotional communication between families.As the customers around in the “most beautiful picture” as shown: sofa and tea table coordination, so that the visual sense of harmony and comfort, selected high-quality first layer of cowhide, so that the touch is delicate and warm, more soft as clouds, warm like the embrace of comfortable feeling, with the customer’s original words, is “nest will not think of”.This modern series of dazzling shadow, with calm extreme gray and misty blue, matches the noble and fashion, tradition and youth of the light luxury life, to meet the aesthetic needs of the whole family to the greatest extent.Select the same color, with the series of tea tables, TV cabinets, dining tables and chairs unified collocation, so that the guest restaurant echoes each other, integrated, so that the family interaction is more convenient, communication is more intimate, so that the Spring Festival in around the company, together with the family, sharing a good time.Around the company of affection thick one year, full of joy.It is not only a happy reunion of the family, but also a rare opportunity to communicate with relatives and friends and enhance their feelings.It needs to fill its limited time with meetings;Need ferial still show surplus household space, become “big belly” more can let, let go of every carry love and come.In the process of family reunion, old friends visit, chat, have tea to catch up, unbridled laugh, capricious, deeper love, meaning more thick.For example, let home get customers in the “most beautiful picture” in the display of the same can “second bed” sofa, during the day around chatting, night stay a number of relatives and friends, during the Chinese New Year, and in order to reunite from all places to return together, enjoy the simple and warm happiness.Julia in this situational collection lights up the ordinary home space with a dash of Hermes orange, which is in keeping with the lively and festive atmosphere of Spring Festival.What is more special is that it can shift back and forth through the function of backrest, gently pull to achieve a large space by lying on the sofa into a bed in seconds.Ultra-wide sitting depth, adjustable head, extensional armrest, many details crafted, so that you can sit cross-legged or lie down to rest, all kinds of posture can be comfortable.In the company of the left and right, and friends and relatives together for love, affection is stronger, enjoy happiness. Gathering, reunion, joy and blessing have been the most common mood of the Chinese New Year for thousands of years.Even if the city is noisy and crowded, even if life is in a hurry, go home for the New Year, spend more time with your family, leave some free time to see friends and relatives, use happiness to give more power to the New Year, look forward to the birth of all things, look forward to meet again, love life, warm life.Family reunion, people gather together, strong feelings, around the company, together with the New Year.