Add 1080 primary school degrees!Longxian Town Lianqun primary school renovation and expansion project completed

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Investment of more than 20 million yuan, construction area of more than 5000 square meters, new teaching complex building, 200 meters of plastic runway……The reconstruction and expansion project of Longxian Town Lianqun Primary School, one of the ten practical things about people’s livelihood promised by the county government in 2021, was completed at the end of January and will be put into use in the spring of 2022.After the expansion, Lianqun Primary School will increase the number of primary school degrees by 1,080.Reporters in lianqun primary school project site to see a modern teaching building, very conspicuous.The teaching building has a total of 7 floors, each classroom is spacious and bright, equipped with modern teaching equipment.Zhang Wuxing, principal of Lianqun Primary School, Longxian Town: After the building is completed, it can be expanded to 24 classes. Our campus appearance and teaching facilities will be greatly improved. Our school will take “laying the foundation for children’s happy future” as the school philosophy, and run the education that people are satisfied with.Lianqun Primary School is located in Lianqun Village, Longxian Town, formerly known as “Qinren Primary School”, which was founded in 1933 and changed its name several times before being renamed Lianqun Primary School in 2021.It has 9 classes with more than 280 students.The school has a teaching building and a dormitory complex, classrooms and teachers’ office space are relatively tight, and the school playground is simple, which is not suitable for modern education and teaching.To this end, the county government has listed the lianqun Primary School renovation and expansion project as one of the ten practical matters concerning people’s livelihood in 2021.After the completion of the school renovation and expansion project, Lianqun Primary School has been built into a high-quality school with good running conditions, beautiful campus environment and strong teaching staff.Xu Binghua, deputy director of the County Education Bureau, said that after the project is completed and used, all primary school students from 6 village committees such as “Sanqing Piece” of Longxian Town can be accepted to study, and a small group of “educational mutual aid community” can be formed with Longxian, which not only effectively alleviates the degree shortage in public primary schools of the county, but also maximally realizes the sharing of high-quality education resources.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: