A road trip for Chinese New Year?You need to pay attention to these issues first

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Taking a family trip during the first long holiday of the Chinese New Year may be the most popular thing for car owners.However, the continuous rain and snow weather in this holiday added a bit of a chill, but also to everyone’s winter car brought a lot of trouble.For example: a car owner out of the garage after the car suddenly found tire air loss;Found the car glass water spray can not come out;Or finding the Windows frosted after a night in an outdoor parking lot.After the vehicle opens up the window repeatedly fogs, always needs to wipe with a towel and so on.Today, we might as well talk about winter driving, we need to pay attention to those things.We first need to determine what is the cause of the tire deficit.When the tire pressure alarm light comes on or a warning message appears, the first thing to do should be to immediately stop in a safe area and get out of the car for inspection, to see if any tire tire pressure is significantly lower than other tires.If the vehicle has the tire pressure display function, you can view the abnormal tire pressure according to the tire pressure display screen.0/50 When the temperature suddenly plummets in winter or the temperature difference between basement and outdoor (cold) is too large, the tire pressure will often be greatly reduced.If the appearance of the tire is not abnormal at this time, there is no puncture foreign body found in the tire, accompanied by multiple or all tire pressure abnormalities, mostly because of the above reasons.This situation only needs to use their own inflating equipment as soon as possible or go to the place where the air equipment to inflate the tire, generally in gas stations, repair shops, car washing places and other places will be equipped with such equipment.Try to avoid driving for a long time in the case of abnormal tire pressure, so as not to affect tire life, vehicle performance and fuel consumption.0/50 If there is a tire tire pressure is significantly lower than the other tires, the general situation indicates that the tire has a leak, at this time, it needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.If the distance is far from the garage, we need to replace the spare tire before going.Do not drive the vehicle in the condition of complete tire loss, this situation will cause the tire wall irreparable crushing damage, resulting in tire scrap.At the same time, when the tire is completely depleted, the vehicle will become difficult to control, which will cause hidden dangers to road safety.However, if your vehicle is equipped with explosion-proof tires, you can combine with the injection of tire repair fluid, low speed to repair the vehicle tires.When the temperature plummets, many car owners may not have time to replace the appropriate glass water, or do not know the difference between winter and summer glass water.Many car owners may make glass water or directly into tap water as glass water, in fact, this way is not desirable.When the temperature is low to below freezing point, the summer glass water in the glass water kettle, homemade glass water may solidified into ice, affecting the normal ejection of glass water.If the glass water filling is relatively full, the volume of water ice after the increase or will break the pipeline or kettle, resulting in an unnecessary increase in the cost of the car.0/50 Therefore, regular replacement of the appropriate glass water, perhaps the most thorough solution to this kind of thing, it should be noted that most hatchback models and SUV models are also equipped with glass water outlet in the rear windshield, do not forget to let off the excess summer glass water when replacing.0/50 If the glass water is not replaced in time and the glass water is frozen when the glass water is replaced in cold weather, remember not to press the glass water lever all the time, otherwise it may cause the pump to burn out and other situations.Correct means is to look for a relatively warm place, waiting for vitreous water to melt naturally, replace the winter vitreous water that has antifreeze function again, conditional word, had better put summer vitreous water entirely.The glass water composition on the market is roughly the same, if there is no glass water of the same brand, occasionally mixed emergency generally will not have an impact.For mixing glass water in winter and summer, this may solve the situation of glass water frozen to a certain extent, but because of different glass water concentration and chemical composition are not the same, it can not completely solve the situation of glass water frozen or frozen pipeline.Therefore, the timely replacement of seasonal glass water is the best means to reduce the cost of the car.In general, it is a more effective way to remove the frost on the windshield and the side window using special rubber shovel. In addition, when the car is warm, the glass can also be quickly solved by blowing the warm wind.However, in the case of severe frost or icing of the window, it is best to use tools to remove the physical frost accumulation quickly and effectively.It should be noted that, try not to use boiling water for defrosting, which may cause certain damage to the rubber and plastic parts of the vehicle window seal, and increase the probability of rubber parts cracking.0/50 For this situation, it may be the most effective solution to avoid parking the vehicle for a long time outdoors in extremely low temperature. If such conditions are not available, you can open the door and window of the vehicle after parking the night before, and make the temperature inside the vehicle close to the outdoor temperature as far as possible before setting up the wiper.This will reduce frosting to a certain extent and will not freeze the wiper when it frosts.Due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside of the car in winter, the water vapor in the car will quickly condense into water mist when the temperature is lower than the window, affecting the driver’s sight.At this time, turn on the air conditioner to adjust the air volume to the maximum, or directly open the block of blowing wind, it does not take too much time to eliminate the fog on the glass, at this time, open the refrigeration defogging or use warm wind to blow the windshield can play the role of defogging.In addition, developing the habit of warming the car in winter can not only fully lubricate the engine and gearbox, but also enable the heater to quickly enter the working condition when driving and improve the efficiency of defogging.0/50 Except for the front windshield, fogging from the side window will affect the driver’s observation of the rear view mirror outside the car. At this time, the air conditioning air outlets on both sides can be de-fogged if they are oriented towards the side window. If the air volume is not enough, try to close the air conditioning air outlet in the central control area to increase the air volume on both sides.In addition, when driving at low speed in urban areas, if you feel that the heating in the car is too steamed, you can also open the Windows on both sides of the car by a crack, so that the air inside and outside the car is convection, so that the temperature inside and outside the car is close, and the fog will slowly dissipate.For foggy rear Windows where you can’t see behind, don’t forget the rear windshield heating wire.Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with REAR windshield heating wire. Turning on the REAR heating switch can remove the windshield water mist.In addition, vehicles equipped with rearview mirror defogging function, which is generally integrated in this mode, can be turned on this switch to remove water mist or beads on the rearview mirror at the same time.In addition, the use of relevant anti-fogging products can also reduce this kind of situation to a certain extent, or the use of detergent with 1:6 ratio of water daub on the car windshield, such as drying with a towel to wipe the watermark, generally can also be effective anti-fogging in the short term.However, their disadvantages are the cost of vehicle and vehicle odor generation.As mentioned earlier, a hot car is a very important part of a winter trip, and it may depend on how much you love your car.First of all, the general hot car time can be controlled in half a minute to a minute is better, so that the lubricating oil fully cover the run picture.When the engine idle speed returns to the normal range (generally around 700-900rpm, depending on the car), it can be gently pressed on the accelerator to run the vehicle.However, please note that the vehicle is not completed at this time, do not quickly increase the speed of the vehicle, otherwise the engine does not enter the working condition of temperature, lubrication is not in place and other circumstances are very easy to cause irreversible wear on the engine and gearbox.Therefore, it is better to run at a speed of less than 3000rpm for five to ten minutes, until the water temperature reaches the normal running temperature, it can run normally.0/50 how do you know if the car is hot done?It can be learned by observing the water temperature indicator that the general temperature scale reaches about 1/3, or reaches about 60 degrees (under normal circumstances), then the vehicle has completed the heating.In addition, in addition to winter, summer hot car is also very necessary, but the summer hot car time will be greatly shortened, only to the water temperature to reach the operating temperature.0/50 low temperature self-driving travel, please also check the vehicle more, pay attention to the vehicle condition, timely check antifreeze, oil, tires, glass water and battery is normal, at the same time don’t forget the important hot car steps.This maximizes the reliability of your vehicle for a pleasant holiday drive.