C fire unitary month earth branch Chen unitary integration makes the sky dry buso rootless dayun help Jin Ke Die

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Other YiChou YiYou c Calvin XinMao universiade, JiaShen, decyl, horse third, GengChen, JiMao, WuYin this horoscope seems to have a lot of your surname in birth day Lord, makes the main flourishing phase, actually not gan di that unitary and turned into gold, soil residual air for wood, after the close of the foundations of the wood have been destroyed, when the frame wood was prosperous sikkink injury, air-dried wood b has no bearing, the main body is weak!Take midday fire dayun, fire restraint gold, wood was rescued, get a son, Xinsi Dayun branch of the third unitary ugly alloy bureau, grams of bad very hurt vitality, husband and wife are dead!