17: One COVID-19 case was confirmed in Pingdu City, Qingdao, and the itinerary was announced

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On March 17, 2022, a mild case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Pingdu City, Qingdao. The case is a close contact of the confirmed case in Licang District. The case has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment and is in stable condition.Her current address: Phase iii, Guihuayuan, Chengyang District;Employer: Chengyang Xiazhuang Neighborhood Fried Chicken Shop;Address: Dayuwan Village, Zhangge Zhuang, Baisha River Street, Pingdu City.Now the main track of his trip in Pingdu is published as follows: March 14, 23:00 from Chengyang Xiazhuang neighborhood fried chicken shop to Pingdu by online taxi.At 0:22 on March 15, I arrived at my parents’ home in Dayuwan Village, Baishahe Sub-district Office of Pingdu City.11:30 Drove to the clinic of Zhifang Village of Baishahe Sub-district Office and the shop next door with his father and brother;About 12:00 drive to Baishahe Street office market supervision office;13:40 Drive to the West gate of Sunshine Garden of Liyuan Street Office to pick up friends;14:02 Stop at No. 742 Qingdao Road and walk to Nanshunxin Commercial refrigerator, Shunda Entrusted Firm, Bochen Entrusted Firm, Satisfied entrusted Firm, Shunxing entrusted Firm and Qinghe entrusted Firm;14:42 Go shopping at Yurun Chilled Meat Shop near Li Gezhuang Village, Gaoping Road, Tonghe Street Office;14:49 To Yun Hao Aquatic Products;15:05 to 16:00 Again to the clinic of Zhifang Village of Baisha River Sub-district Office and the shop next door;13He returned to his parents’ house.16:27 Drive to Zhanggezhuang Health Center for nucleic acid test;16:33 to 16:36 to zhanggezhuang Post office next to Hongyu Food to buy food, to the east of a fruit stall to buy fruit;16:45 Back to parents home for dinner;19:10 drive a friend to the red flag Road west section of the small six home in a knot soup;25He returned to his parents’ house.March 16, stay at home in the morning;17:05 drive to Baisha River street Shang Hetou village relatives, his father’s friend’s home;17:30 to shanghetou Village Meike supermarket shopping;17:37 returned to his parents’ home and did not go out again.Those who have visited the above places should report to their work units and communities in a timely manner and cooperate with the implementation of relevant epidemic control measures.If the concealment is not reported, once the adverse consequences are caused, relevant legal responsibilities will be investigated according to law.Please observe the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, pay attention to the authoritative information released by the authorities, do not believe or spread rumors, maintain personal protection awareness at all times, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, avoid gathering and maintain safe social distancing.In case of fever, cough, diarrhea, fatigue and other symptoms, wear a disposable surgical mask, go to the nearest fever clinic in time, and avoid taking public transportation during the treatment.The total health bureau source | on March 17, 2022, Qingdao daily (qddaily) integrated since the news of the client, pingdu release