Quanzhou issued the “gift package” to promote the high-quality development of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”

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In order to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, stabilize the agricultural basic plate, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, the fiscal budget of Quanzhou city is 366 million yuan, which is used for the development of modern agriculture with characteristics and the construction of rural revitalization and the promotion of rural revitalization, including 27 subsidies, 7 awards and 8 support.27 subsidies for developing modern agriculture with Distinctive featuresA total of 9.5 million yuan was allocated to support the construction of 90,000 mu of high-standard farmland.2. Protection and improvement of cultivated land quality.A total of 1.5 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize the construction of 38 monitoring sites, and more than 40 demonstration sites will be set up for planting green manure, returning straw to fields, developing formula fertilizer and commercial organic fertilizer.3. Mountainous rural areas will be cultivated again.A total of 1.8 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize the restoration of more than 1,500 mu of mountain monopoly farmland.4. We will promote the five New agricultural models for major grain growers.One million yuan will be allocated to subsidize the establishment of more than 12 core demonstration zones for rice, sweet potato, peanut, corn and other grain and oil crops covering more than 100 mu.5. Rewards for outstanding achievements in grain production.A total of one million yuan will be allocated to 12 townships and 32 villages in major grain-producing areas that have made notable achievements in developing grain production.6. Construction of modern agricultural industrial park.Four million yuan was allocated to subsidize the construction of three modern agricultural industrial parks.7. Develop characteristic animal husbandry industry.10 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize the construction of large-scale livestock and poultry farms, slaughterhouses and other supporting facilities.8. Agricultural natural disaster relief and agricultural base facilities construction.A total of 4.3 million yuan was allocated to subsidize more than 30 productive infrastructure projects, such as ecological tea orchards and Chinese herbal medicine, and natural disaster relief projects in agriculture.9. Leisure agriculture industry construction.1 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize 20 leisure agriculture demonstration sites and project construction.10. Quantai Agricultural cooperation.Arrange 1.7 million yuan, subsidize more than 10 Quantai agricultural cooperation and 1 exhibition project, subsidize more than 3 investment promotion, publicity and exchange projects.11. Demonstration Base of municipal primary processing Center of agricultural products.500,000 yuan will be arranged to build 10 demonstration bases of municipal agricultural products primary processing centers.12. Agricultural insurance subsidies.A total of 7.3 million yuan was allocated to subsidize various types of agricultural insurance.Monitoring, early warning and prevention and control of major crop diseases and insect pests.A total of 500,000 yuan was allocated to establish 10 green crop disease and insect pest control demonstration plots, and the unified control demonstration area was 20,000 mu.14. Special action to reduce the zero-growth rate of pesticide useA total of 500,000 yuan will be allocated to ensure that the use of pesticides is reduced by 2 percent in 2022 compared with 2021, and that the overall damage rate of diseases and insect pests of grain crops is less than 5 percent.15 agriculture “three products one standard” certification.Arrange 1 million yuan, subsidize new agricultural “three products one standard” certification products more than 50.16. Subsidies for township animal epidemic prevention officers.2 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize animal epidemic prevention officers in towns and townships.17. Experimental demonstration of new crop varieties.We will arrange 500,000 yuan to subsidize the establishment of 20-25 new crop variety tests and demonstration plots.Revitalize the seed industry.One million yuan was allocated to build or expand 4 crop germplasm resource banks (farms, districts and nurseries), and more than 100 germplasm resources were added and preserved.19. Five innovations in animal husbandry.One million yuan will be allocated for the application and promotion of more than 25 “five new projects” such as new animal husbandry varieties (including featured livestock and poultry announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs), new technologies, new feeds, new facilities and equipment, and new models.20. Agricultural Internet of Things and agricultural e-commerce.2 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize more than 10 digital agriculture demonstration bases and more than 5 agricultural e-commerce projects.Agricultural mechanization development.A total of 1.8 million yuan will be allocated to build five demonstration bases for whole-process mechanization of rice production and experimental demonstration sites for mechanized production of dryland crops, and create seven demonstration counties and towns for “safe agricultural machinery.”22. Municipal-level agricultural industrialization consortium.We will arrange 500,000 yuan to subsidize 10 agricultural industrialization consortiums.23. Excellent Rural practical talents of Quanzhou City.750,000 yuan was arranged to select 25 excellent rural practical talents in Quanzhou city.Discount interest on loans for new agricultural business entities.A total of 18.25 million yuan was allocated for discounted interest loans to leading agricultural industrialization enterprises, family farms, cooperatives (associations), socialized agricultural service organizations, leisure agriculture demonstration sites, well-known agricultural enterprises, returning veterans, college students, and outstanding rural practical talents.25. Building strong towns with agricultural industry.We will arrange 4.5 million yuan to subsidize the establishment of three towns with strong agricultural industries.26. Cultivate “One village, one product” characteristic industrial demonstration villages.2 million yuan will be allocated to subsidize the establishment of 20 “one village, one product” demonstration villages.27. Foster new types of agricultural businesses.3.4 million yuan was allocated to subsidize 40 demonstration cooperatives of municipal farmers’ cooperatives, 30 demonstration farms of municipal family farms, 10 “Top 10 Family farms” and 10 “Top 10 Farmer cooperatives” of Quanzhou city.A total of 56.55 million yuan was allocated to 145 provincial-level pilot villages for rural revitalization, and more than 450 projects were carried out, including infrastructure development, improvement of village appearance, development of social programs, and improvement of public service facilities.A total of 24 million yuan was allocated to villages with outstanding achievements in rural revitalization, and 16 municipal-level villages with outstanding achievements were awarded and subsidized.A total of 11.8 million yuan was allocated for the construction of a demonstration line for rural revitalization, and 59 non-provincial-level pilot villages of the second group of demonstration lines were awarded and subsidized.Fine demonstration line selection arrangement 5 million yuan, selection of 5 fine demonstration line, each award and subsidy 1 million yuan.A total of 31.5 million yuan was allocated to 21 townships and towns for the pilot project to promote whole-town rural revitalization.A total of 7 million yuan will be allocated for evaluation of rural living environment improvement. 300 villages will be randomly evaluated every month. The top 40 villages will be awarded 10,000 to 20,000 yuan each month.10 million yuan of agricultural loan risk compensation funds will be allocated for agricultural loan risk compensation.A total of 19.15 million yuan was allocated to promote the development of the “eight Supported” industries for rural revitalization, supporting new agricultural businesses in less-developed towns and villages and linking rural areas to develop industries with local characteristics, and bringing in more than 1,000 low-income rural households.Ten million yuan will be allocated for housing improvement and upgrading, and more than 300 low-income rural households will be supported to improve their housing conditions.40 million yuan will be allocated for agricultural industry infrastructure projects (farmland contiguous renovation), and farmland contiguous renovation will be carried out in key poverty-alleviation and development townships and agro-ecological townships.The sixth batch of provincial dispatched villages and the 16th batch of municipal dispatched villages were allocated 19.8 million yuan, supporting 54 villages.Among them: 24 provinces send villages 200,000 yuan per village, 30 cities send villages 500,000 yuan per village.Low-income village development village collective economy income-generating arrangement 31.65 million yuan, support village collective income of less than 200,000 yuan by the end of 2021 low-income village development collective economy income-generating projects, support not less than 80 villages.We provided 3 million yuan in insurance and industrial insurance for low-income rural households, and supported about 29,000 low-income rural households to take out insurance against falling back into poverty, and industrial insurance for about 1,500 poverty-stricken households.Eight million yuan was allocated for emergency assistance to about 200 low-income rural households.A total of 3.4 million yuan was allocated to strengthen links and strengthen weak links, supporting at least 20 villages.Source: Quanzhou Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs