Go to Serbia!With Yao Ming leading the team, China’s women’s basketball team is striving to qualify for the World Cup

2022-05-06 0 By

Yesterday, the Chinese women’s basketball team was spotted at an airport in Shanghai, bound for Belgrade, Serbia.Soon after, Chinese women’s basketball player Li Meng updated her social media account, saying that the team officially set off yesterday.The main purpose of the Chinese women’s basketball team’s trip is to go to Belgrade to participate in the qualification of the Women’s Basketball World Cup.The Chinese women’s basketball team is scheduled to play three matches on Feb. 10, 11 and 14 against Nigeria, Mali and France.In fact, since January 10, the Chinese women’s basketball team has gathered in Shanghai to prepare for the tournament.Members of the Chinese women’s basketball team didn’t even go home for the festival.With this qualification, the Chinese women’s basketball team will be able to travel to Australia later this year to participate in the new Women’s Basketball World Cup.In the last Women’s Basketball World Cup, The Chinese women’s Basketball Team went to Spain to compete and got the good result of the sixth place.After four years, the Chinese women’s basketball team has made a few substitutions, leaving behind more experienced players who are ready to make their mark.Belgrade is also a good place for The Chinese women’s basketball team, which won all three games there in early 2020 to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Games.However, in order to show the importance of this competition and to further exchange and cooperation with the Serbian basketball association, Yao Ming, president of the Chinese Basketball Association, will personally lead the team to Belgrade.It is worth mentioning that Yang Shuyu, who shone last summer, was included in the 14-man squad for the five-a-side women’s basketball team.Joining her sister, Yang Liwei, in the five-a-side national team took Yang a big step forward and raised the profile of China’s women’s basketball team.