Xinjiang out of the top fierce dog, Kazakh shepherd dog, Tibetan mastiff in front of it is younger brother

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It is the domestic wild dogs, and also is one of the largest domestic dogs, the kazakh shepherd also called tianshan mastiff experience of the birth of surprising, tianshan mastiffs, weight 150 jins, shoulder height 80 cm above, the only experience a well-built kazakh shepherd can beat off all the wolves, pack a lot of people think it is very fierce,In fact, wild animals like wolves do not easily injure themselves.Very know how to preserve strength, so desperately encountered sanlang Tianshan Mastiff, often make concessions.Kazakh shepherd ancestors is reportedly the wild Wolf hybrid local shepherd, because the local herdsmen pick guard dog don’t watch it origin from his appearance, just see character and size is not big, some herdsmen in order to get the character very strong guard dog directly to breed dogs and wolves, finally was born the kazakh shepherd, tianshan mastiffs.Of course, it is impossible to know whether the Kazakh is descended from the Wolf or not, but the Kazakh is definitely related to the Central Asian shepherd, because they are very similar in appearance, size and personality.