Will angu and GUNG apply for independent degree review units?How to evaluate?

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What is “degree independent examination unit”?Before explaining the term, we must first understand the basic information about degree authorization in Our country.(note: this article refers to the degree of authorization, especially a master’s, doctorate authorization, not including the bachelor’s degree authorization) caps for the degree authorization policy in our country at present, the Ministry of Education to allow the national colleges and universities apply once every three years, the “application” here includes both the increase of the number of enrollments, also include the new master’s and doctor’s degree authorization unit audit.According to the status of the recent two applications, Chinese universities applied for degree examination to the Ministry of Education in 2017 and 2020 respectively, and the Ministry of Education also announced the examination results in 2018 and 2021 respectively. Therefore, before the emergence of “independent examination units”, the addition and cancellation of degree places in Chinese universities were decided by the Ministry of Education.Provincial units and colleges and universities themselves do not have the right to set up and cancel the student site, college student site should be revoked by the Ministry of Education expert group for review, if the construction is really ineffective, it is possible to be revoked, the cancellation of student site and new student site are major events.In recent years, for the development of the development of colleges and universities to provide more autonomy, handed out the degree audit under the Ministry of Education of some universities, be known according to small make up, the first round of degrees are mostly right of independent audit in colleges and universities is the Beijing university, tsinghua university, jiaotong university, renmin university, are well-known subordinates “double top” university, after get this right,They can independently review and decide the addition and cancellation of study sites, including master’s degree authorization sites and doctoral degree authorization sites.University of Science and Technology of China in Anhui Province, the University of Science and Technology of China with its super academic research ability was approved to become the degree independent audit units, in addition, Anhui Province no other independent audit units!As is known to all, after 211, 985, double first-class construction course, directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences USTC so famous in the world, its chemistry, physics, geophysics, seven subjects such as astronomy, safety science and engineering in the fourth round of the Ministry of Education organization discipline evaluation won the grade of A +, colleges and universities among the top 2% or before 2, strength,Shocking!It is such a university based on science, can be ranked in the top 10 in the comprehensive strength of colleges and universities, it is not easy, therefore, The University of Science and Technology of China can be approved as a degree independent audit unit, it should!In addition to USTC, Anhui University and Hefei University of Technology have the qualification and strength to apply for a degree independent examination unit?Related planning in anhui province in the “promote the construction of structural optimization of high quality education system common action plan”, the anhui province during the “difference” made clear that it would support from anhui university, hefei university of technology, in accordance with the relevant procedure declaration stipulated by Ministry of Education to become national degree independent audit unit, regardless of the target can be implemented,At least it shows the ambition of Anhui Province in the construction of academic sites. Where there is a will, there is a way. Xiaobian believes that the quality of higher education in Anhui Province will get better and better because of the grand goal.It is conditional to apply to become the independent degree examination unit. As far as the newly added universities are concerned, they are basically national key “double first-class” universities under the ministry. Almost no local universities participate in the competition, and almost no local universities have been approved this honor.(” Local colleges and universities “refer to institutions at the provincial level, not directly under the Ministry of Education and other state departments!Is local colleges in anhui province, anhui university, by direct management, in anhui province and hefei university of technology is affiliated university) in hefei in hefei university of technology campus of the university of relying on national subordinate and the identity of the discipline of accumulation, small make up thought, independent audit unit of hefei university of technology to declare the pace should be earlier than anhui university, but the basic on the same team!From the existing number of Dr, the master’s degree authorization centers, anhui university, more than 30 existing 19 and master level subject, and hefei university of technology has 22 doctoral degree and the level 1 discipline of 39 majors), from the point of scale, hfut advantage is not big, but if from the point of the university identity, hfut have very big advantage.Enrollments in colleges and universities in anhui province attaches great importance to the construction work, from the planning, will also support applied in accordance with the procedures set up majors in colleges and universities in anhui province, to increase high-level university pushed from places, in addition, the anhui province will be held at the provincial level master’s, doctorate authorization key construction units of work, such as this job can improve academic capabilities of colleges and universities in anhui province.