Up 4938, 3206 yuan/ping!Drop 3 yuan/flat!The price rises more sharply than the price falls

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It has been a while since I sent you a summary. Today, we will take a look at the ups and downs of Wuhan in January.1. Wuhan issued 29 pre-sale certificates in January 2022 according to the information on the official website, wuhan issued 29 pre-sale certificates in January, a small number, compared with 58 in January 2021, directly cut in half.However, the number remained unchanged from February 2021 at 29.2. The supply of residential houses is 20 in total, including villa products. Among the 29 pre-sale certificates, 9 are factory and commercial, while only 20 are pure residential houses including villas.(the record price of commercial products is of low reference significance, generally excluded) Commercial pre-sale certificate details in January 3, 7 residential plates are pure new plates or pure new products in 20 residential pre-sale certificates, 7 plates are pure new plates or pure new products first opened, there is no price change,It includes nanshanyufu, which broke through the optical Valley outside the third ring Road, China Railway · Yuehu County, which hit the east and West Lake blank high, and hanjiang · Yunhe, which is rare near the inner ring road.4, 13 old plate to take the certificate, of which 4 prices rose, the highest rose 4938 yuan/flat, 2 prices fell, the highest fell 521 yuan/flat old plate forensics category of a total of 13 plates, of which 6 prices have changed, 4 prices rose, the other 2 prices fell.The four rising prices are: Wuhan No.1 Courtyard sunac Center record price up 4938 yuan/ping, Shanhaiguan townhouse record price up 3206 yuan/ping, Panlong Ideal city high-rise record price up 720 yuan/ping, Kaide Optical Valley Xiyuan record price up 252 yuan/ping.The two disks of decline are: Vanke Poly Alliance Investment Ideal Star senior level record price down 14100 yuan/ping, East Yuan India future senior level record price down 3 yuan/ping.January old disk forensics or the following changes in the amount of more than 500 yuan/flat a few disks about.Wu Hanyi, melts the centre court, for the record price 4938 yuan/flat price changes – blank change to decorate the project actually has been brought to decorate sale, decorate with an average of about 41200 yuan/flat, launched in 2021, when K6 plot to blank sales, mainly is because K6 plot is separate 2 building on one side, village environment is relatively less,This evidence of the H7 land changed back to the belt decoration for sale, the overall price compared with the previous rough rose 4938 yuan/flat, but compared with the early decoration of the house, the rise is 1738 yuan/flat.Shanhai view is a villa product, the previous is 270 square row, this is 200 square row, the area is a little smaller, and from the location, more away from the high-level, relatively close to the center of the villa area, the price rises a little is also natural.However, the project of this evidence of the villa has not been officially launched, the follow-up may not be discounted.Panlong city – ideal for the record price 720 yuan/flat panlong the ideal city belongs to hard up, rise in price after the average price of 10723 yuan/flat areas as blank average was flat, but to say there is a clear price advantage, also not be, after all, now the blank disc plate of liuzhou, too many, price 11000 or so there are a lot of choice, even can take part within 10000 homes.Moreover, from the point of view of the project record, the early sales are not good, the number of net signing sets in the past 30 days is 0, there are still 1145 sets of inventory left, it is really Alexander ah, so, the late sales of a discount what is estimated is also very likely.Click on the image to see more detailed data vanke poly united star – ideal for the record price fell 521 yuan/flat this plate also don’t want to say more, the early stage of the project price also has some discount, although the record price 14100 yuan/flat, but the actual opening for an average of 13500 yuan/flat after folding, consistent with the previous, no change.In general, except for Sunac Wuhan Courtyard No. 1, the price changes of other certified real estate in January were not obvious, basically consistent with the previous stage, and the overall housing price in January was stable.end