“No winter is complete without a snow slide”

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Taurus jubilant old year, Fu Hu sheng Wei to spring.In addition to reuniting, enjoying delicious food and visiting relatives and friends, it has become a craze to exercise and experience new activities during the Spring Festival. With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics approaching, ice skiing has become a new choice for people to relax and get together with their families during the holiday.February 2, the second day of the Lunar New Year, upstream news (mail box:cnshangyou@163.com) reporters in Harbin visited to see, located in the songhua River ice and snow carnival park and qunli sports park is very busy, ice skating, ice 尜, ice hockey, climbing and other ice sports are welcomed by the public, children under the leadership of their parents experience the fun of ice and snow.▲ In the largest public ice rink in Harbin, teenagers are playing ice hockey.Photo/Upstream news reporter Zhang Ying ▲ Citizens shuttle in the skating rink, posture is vigorous.In Harbin, many main streets, winter Olympic elements can be seen everywhere, speed skating youth, ice hockey, winter Olympic mascots “Bing Dwen Dwen” “Snow Rong Rong” and other images of the ice sculpture competed to appear.Upstream news reporters learned that in order to effectively promote winter sports, improve the fitness and lifestyle of the masses, and drive more people to participate in ice and snow activities, Harbin poured dozens of public ice rinks throughout the city, one after another open for free use by citizens.The central ice Rink of Daoli District in Harbin is the largest public ice rink in The city. Located in Qunli Sports Park, it covers an area of 60,000 square meters and is divided into professional ice rink, ice rink, youth ice rink, snowfield football field, ice and snow entertainment field and other areas.Here, beginners, professional athletes and ordinary citizens all have their own activity areas.The theme of Harbin Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival is “Happy ice and snow, embrace the Winter Olympics”.In the central ice rink of Daoli District, Harbin, beginners, professional athletes and ordinary citizens have their own activity areas.Photo/upstream news reporter Zhang Ying reporter at the scene to see, the staff to come to the tourists reminded that only need to show identification can rent skating shoes, there are patterns, speed skating and ice hockey shoes a variety of options, the size is complete.On the ice, there are both hockey fans in their 60s and children living and dying in the snow.Mr. Wang, a citizen, wears thick clothes and moves on the skating rink, bending down and sliding quickly from time to time. His posture is brisk, and he occasionally stops to patiently guide his six-and-a-half-year-old son to get used to the ice.Mr. Wang told reporters that because of his love for ice and snow sports, he learned by himself. Today is the first time for his six-and-a-half-year-old son to go on ice, but under the leadership of his father, the children have already skated well. “As a person from Harbin, I have a natural affinity for ice and snow sports.”Mr. Wang said, “it’s good to have an ice rink in winter, take your kids out for outdoor sports and exercise, and the field and skates are free!”▲ Pumping ice 尜, snow circles, climbing is the children’s favorite recreational activities.Photo/Upstream news reporter Zhang Ying ▲ Citizen Mr. Wang skates with his six-and-a-half-year-old son.In the central ice rink of Daoli District, Harbin, citizens and their families went out to experience the fun of ice and snow projects.On February 2, the upstream news reporter saw another public ice-skating rink in Harbin songhuajiang Ice and Snow Carnival. The outdoor temperature was about minus 25 degrees Celsius, and people waiting at the entrance of the park lined up to enter.Ice and Snow Carnival park is located beside songhua River and flood control memorial tower. You can enter the park after time-sharing network reservation and temperature scanning.It is reported that the carnival will continue the usual practice of the past, there is no need to buy tickets, snowfield volleyball, snowfield football, curling, ice plate, ice hockey, snow gyro, skating rink and other public entertainment free of charge open to the public.Smoking ice 尜, playing snow circle, climbing is the children are more enthusiastic entertainment activities, in groups of three and four on the snowdrift, ice rink wanton play, laughter.Children are playing on the ice rink in Daoli District, Harbin.”This winter, I feel like my entire circle of friends are skating and skiing.”A citizen said, “Before the Spring Festival there was no good place to go, but now the family chooses to come to the ice rink to enjoy the charm of ice and snow sports, which is not only good for physical and mental health, but also to set an example for children.””No winter would be complete without a snow slide.”According to the staff, the snow slide is a popular project of the ice and snow Carnival. Standing at the top of the ski track, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the carnival.Sit on the snow ring, pushed by the staff, from a height of 10 meters all the way down, thrilling.▲ In the central Ice Rink of Daoli District, Harbin, citizens experience the fun of ice and snow projects.Photo/upstream news reporter Zhang Ying learned that the ice and snow carnival to “happy ice and snow, embrace the Winter Olympics” as the theme.In the park, a huge ice sculpture of the Five Olympic rings was made on the frozen river. The five rings were paved with nearly 3,000 huge ice bodies weighing about 40-50 jin, interwoven with colorful light belts.When night falls, a variety of colors flicker and transform, presenting a colorful “Olympic rings light show.”Upstream news reporter Zhang Ying