Engraved the mark of struggle

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Source: People’s Daily on February 19, representing the Chinese team huai Ming in the women’s double bobsled race.On February 19, Noah Bowman of Canada competed in the men’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final.Xinhua News Agency reporter Feng Kaihua on February 19, when team New Zealand’s 20-year-old nico Potios won the gold medal in halfpipe freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the staff of the present New Zealand team danced excitedly;When Edin, the 36-year-old captain of the Swedish men’s curling team, finally won the gold medal in his fourth Olympic Winter Games, he hugged his teammates and lit up the crowd with joy.Laughter and tears, struggle and glory, constitute the highlight of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Many athletes overcame their own injuries and other difficulties to actively show themselves and demonstrate their superb competitive level.”International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said.On February 19, the “Ice Ribbon” of the National Speed skating Hall ended all competitions.On this ice surface, 13 people (team times) in 10 events set a new Olympic record, and one person (team time) in one event set a new world record.Beijing tied Salt Lake City for the most speed skating Games ever.”The ice here is so smooth.I set a new Olympic record at the Ice Ribbon!”Said Thomas Kroll of the Netherlands, who won gold in the men’s 1,000m and silver in the 1,500m speed skating.His teammate Elin Wooster became the first athlete to win an individual gold medal at five Winter Games with an Olympic record victory in the women’s 1,500m.Inside the Capital Stadium, 10 Olympic records were set for short track speed skating, including one world record.China’s short track speed skating team won a gold medal in the mixed team relay, a new addition to the Beijing Games, marking a new chapter in Olympic short track speed skating.The spirit of unity and all-out effort has inspired the young generation of short track speed skaters.After four years of waiting, hard work and preparation, the athletes are eager to show their best at the Winter Olympics.In the men’s singles, 18 out of 29 skaters posted their season bests in the short program or free skate, while Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan made a valiant attempt at the Axel quadruple jump that failed but left a mark of struggle.It was impressive to see the courage of the young athletes to challenge themselves without fear, and their all-out efforts exemplify the Olympic motto “Swifter, Altius, Fortius”.In the men’s snowboard slopestyle final, Su Yiming, the last competitor of China, pushed himself to the limit and won a precious silver medal after completing the first 1,800 degrees.A few days later, in the snowboard grand jump final, he completed two consecutive dives of 1,800 degrees to win gold.Gu Ailing of China won the gold medal of women’s freestyle skiing platform in the final round of the 1,620-degree twist.This is the highest difficulty of the event so far and Gu has never attempted it before in her competition.Bach, who was on hand to watch the match, praised the match as “very nerve-wracking”.The young athletes performed well, with enthusiasm and personality on the field.In the final round of the men’s freestyle platform, Norway’s Berk Rood stood on the block, held his country’s flag, and leapt into the air with a perfect parabola, which the audience will never forget.Norway currently leads the medal table with 15 golds.Matt Orsbu-Resselan, 31, took home three gold and two bronze MEDALS in six biathlon events.At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, she won two silver MEDALS in her first Winter Olympics.Described as a “late bloomer,” she said: “My goal is to get a little better each day.”By putting down the pressure and focusing on the game, you can reap the results and happiness of the sport.Xu mengtao has integrated herself with freestyle skiing since she took up aerials in 2002.In the face of pain and frustration, she had only one thought: “I still have to fight for my country.”Those who pay the persistence and love, will not live up to the people pursuing their dreams.Xu Mengtao won the first Olympic gold medal for The Chinese women’s aerials team at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Winter Olympic Games, hard work is the most moving story.Team Canada snowboarder Max Parrott endured a long battle with cancer in order to return to competition.After the resumption of training, he continued to challenge the limits of the project, completed one difficult movement after another.With one gold and one bronze, he proved himself and inspired other athletes.Max Parrott said: “Thank you to each and every athlete for making the competition more exciting and snowboarding more exciting.”(Li Shuo, Sun Longfei, Li Yang, Ji Pei Juan) People’s Daily (February 20, 2022 edition 06)