Elfa is currently priced between 819,000 and 920,000 yuan

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Our sales there were el method, price 819000 yuan, more preferential welcome to store address: guangzhou panyu district NaCun Town hungnam avenue, 741-757 (near metro line 7 member post to exit B) details are as follows: luxury baby-sitter car el method in hot sale, one-stop shopping service will open for you relaxed and happy happy journey.Multiple financial policies for you to choose, enjoy low down payment, low interest rate, low cost, low risk.Manufacturer certified sales consultant for your close service, GaC Toyota let you buy a car more at ease.During the epidemic period, exhibition halls are regularly disinfected every day, sales consultants wear masks, and exhibition cars are disinfected frequently, so that you can feel more secure when looking at cars!The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 28, 2022