Back home for the Spring Festival, I have a lot to say

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The experience of returning home for the Spring Festival, let me have a lot to say, I hope to give you a little inspiration, under the epidemic, this home for the Spring Festival can be described as ups and downs, jumpy.Let’s talk about the journey first.January 31 is the New Year’s eve, the 25th has not been unsealed, travel card is still with the “star”.I was in a barricaded street.Do how?Had to buy a good ticket first, unsealed to go back.Refund the ticket if it is not unsealed.That’s the best way to do it.Otherwise, in case of unsealing, there will be trouble in not getting tickets.Although my 78-year-old mother said, “If I can’t go back, don’t go back”, we knew that in her heart she must want us to go home to spend the Spring Festival with her.After all, she is now nearly 80 years old.Fortunately, the 26th night 12:00 unsealed, pick the star.Because my wife works in the hospital and needs to work overtime, she couldn’t go home with us for the Spring Festival.On the morning of 28th, she took the high-speed train with her son and arrived home at 8:30 that evening.There was also a strange and unfortunate incident.For some reason, he was doing nucleic acid tests at a mass nucleic acid screening site around 11:10 p.m. on April 27.They didn’t come back until we got out of the station, and they still don’t.When I got out of the station, I was worried that the staff would have to show “48 hours accounting report”.Fortunately, the exit station did not want to show, just took us to the designated place to do a nucleic acid test on the release.What’s more, just after January 31, another COVID-19 positive case was found in Shenzhen Baoan Shiyan.Some provinces have quarantined those returning from Bao ‘an.I am worried that if there are cases in Luohu district before February 5, they will also be taken away and quarantined.Fortunately, there was no need to worry.At 7:40 in the morning of 5th, I boarded the southbound high-speed train and arrived in Shenzhen at 6:00 in the evening. After the nucleic acid test, I went out of the station and returned home safely.Before returning home, relatives and friends will ask how to come back?Of course, “by plane” is the most decent son, self-driving seems to “mix well”.Not anymore, especially with the bullet train.Shenzhen to Suzhou east “direct”.Just opened this year, thanks to the government.Out of the station to do a nucleic acid, half an hour to share a taxi home.Not up or down, the heart at ease.When you’re old enough, if two people don’t take turns driving.I can’t stand it.I drove back for two years.I was too scared to sum up later.Over 1,500 kilometers is too far. It’s a 17-hour drive.It’s dangerous to drive and get confused.Never again.I have a friend from Anhui who came back on February 6th.It took him 26 hours to drive from Anqing to Shenzhen, and he said the traffic was too bad.It was hell. It was hell.The new crown!Let’s get out of here and enjoy the New Year.What’s 3X8?Some people say, do you even have to ask?It must be 24!But what if I said 23!What do you think?You’re gonna argue with me, and it’s really annoying to say 23 when it’s 24.This time between my sister and mother, also happened such a small thing.When my sister came home for Chinese New Year, she saw her mother busy in the kitchen, so she went in and let her mother rest while she did it.Mother watched her sister cut vegetables and said she was not doing well.He said a few words about her.Sister refused to accept, feel that they can also do.A brief quarrel ensued.I don’t know who to stop anymore.Because they’re all members of our family.Fortunately, my sister realized her mistake and soon changed her tune.It did not affect the midday lunar New Year dinner.Our father died when he was 39, and my mother had a hard time raising us.My youngest sister was six, my brother was nine, I was twelve, and my sister was fifteen.At that time, my sister took over from my father, working at the grain station.Take on the family’s financial resources, to contribute to the family quite a lot.In principle, the elder sister should yield to the mother and not quarrel with her.Just deal with it, that’s all.But at that time, I could not change my mind. I felt that I was getting older and my mother was getting older. I should not still treat myself as a child and criticize myself.Saying you didn’t do a good job.Mother thinks sister no matter how old, still own child.I don’t think I can criticize you.I also take things too hard.So, I remember the story of 3 by 8 and 23.My nephew asked me to say a few words at lunch.I’ll tell you the story.Everyone said THAT I was right, should tolerate the old, and the old man is wrong to argue.Privately, I communicated with my mother that our four children were old enough to have a family and a career.I have my own ideas and ways of doing things.You must also be tolerant, let us do, believe that we can do things well.How nice that would be!Finally the old mother came round and thought I was right.Overcome all kinds of difficulties, go home for the Spring Festival, in order to happy reunion with family.Feel whether right or wrong, do not argue with parents, sometimes win the truth, lost friendship, why!In the Spring Festival back home a few days, I would like to go to a long want to go to a tourist area to play.Mother said, “It’s a long way and it’s cold. Don’t go out.If she wanted to visit her friends and relatives, she said, “You are from Shenzhen, people will dislike you, or stay at home.Tried to get her a new toilet, but she said it was okay.At least ten more things had to be abandoned because she stopped them.I was thinking, when we get back for a few days a year, it’s just to cheer her up.There’s no need to upset her over little things like this.It is right that these things should be done.But there is no way, in order to have a happy year, we have to tolerate and endure.When small, our naughty she is also tolerant of a lot, a lot of patience?She’s getting old, we’re getting older. Can’t we just suck it up and let it go?It is known that the higher the intellectual family reunion, the more contradictions and conflicts, because everyone is not willing to admit defeat, they want to be superior to others.The same is true in society.Sometimes you do win. You’re right. So what?You may lose affection, love, friendship, customers, opportunities and so on. So, how to deal with and face the relationship between elders, leaders and subordinates, enterprises and customers, friends, which is still very knowledgeable?Sometimes play dumb, confused but also a kind of wisdom.It’s just that it’s hard to overcome human self-righteousness.Only by learning and constantly cultivating ourselves can we finally face a lot of people and things with ease, humor and ease, and get everything we want.Brother said right, in the face of old parents, filial piety should start from “smile”;Is the children mature, grow up, filial signs.