“As long as we are here, the West’s ‘alliance with Russia against China’ is a fantasy!”

2022-05-05 0 By

The US has been pressuring Russia by manipulating public opinion and hyping up the news of “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”.However, the BEHAVIOR of the US side did not achieve the desired effect, and the Russian side did not make concessions to the US because of the pressure of public opinion.Some Western countries have tried to woo Russia into siding with them on the “anti-China” front.But the relationship between China and Russia is different from ordinary diplomatic relations, and the trust between the Chinese and Russian governments and their people cannot be undermined by the actions and comments of the outside world.Since the Cold War era, The West and Russia have been in two different camps. Although the Soviet Union has collapsed after the cold War, antagonistic feelings have remained.Russia’s attempts to integrate with the West were rebuffed, but now the West is waking up to Russia’s importance.Today, as China continues to rise, many Western countries consider China’s so-called “threat” far higher than Russia’s.It’s hard for them to get the upper hand against China on their own, so strong Allies are necessary, and Russia is the best “ally”.Whether it is military strength or geographical location, Russia is well suited to play the “role” of “anti-China”.These countries try to make China and Russia suspicious of each other, because only when China and Russia are “hostile” can Russia become a member of the “anti-China alliance”, but their wish will never succeed.”United Russia against China” is wishful thinking western countries “united Russia against China” strategy can never become a reality.First of all, China and Russia are strategic partners of coordination, and the two countries are of great strategic significance to each other.The two countries have a historical foundation and vast common interests. It is not something that can be shaken by a few words.Second, China and Russia have a deep foundation of trust.Such trust is in all directions, whether in the political, economic or military fields. China and Russia believe that each other’s actions will not harm each other’s interests.It is wishful thinking for western countries to turn China and Russia against each other with a few words.Moreover, Mistrust of the West is already high.Trust takes time to build and there is no basis for it between the West and Russia.As Ukraine shows, there are still irreconcilable differences between the West and Russia, otherwise the two sides would not have remained at the negotiating table for so long.And America’s influence cannot be ignored. It does not necessarily want European countries to have good relations with Russia.Therefore, for a long time in the future, China-Russia relations will continue to develop in a positive direction, and the relationship between the two countries will be closer and closer.Against the backdrop of high mutual trust between China and Russia, all acts of sowing discord will not work.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net