The blind date my parents were happy with, fighting chicken legs with kids right in front of me

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At half past six, the alarm clock rang.I got out of bed without a moment’s delay.After washing, I changed my coat and put on my shoes. I crept into the bedroom.Daughter Guoguo is sleeping soundly, pink sleeping bag against the backdrop of her little face more white and tender.Gently picking up my daughter in the sleeping bag, I slowly locked the door and walked down the stairs.Walking through the atrium of the community, I met several old men and women twisting their bodies on sports equipment.Not far away, I heard voices behind me, and I knew they were talking about me.I’m divorced with a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter.I have no one to rely on but myself.I work as a hr manager in a factory and have to punch in at 8 o ‘clock every day.I wanted to find a job with more flexible hours to take care of children, but I couldn’t do it like this one, with no overtime, double leave and national leave.I can’t change jobs, and I don’t pay enough for a nanny.As a single mother, if she wanted to work while raising her child, she had to make do with her daughter.After looking around, I chose the nearest drop-in center, a ten-minute walk from my home.The center opened at 9 a.m. I explained the situation to the principal and paid a reasonable fee. She agreed that I could give the children in sleeping bags to the teacher on duty at 7 a.m. every day.For a month and a half, I walked through the neighborhood and across the street every morning carrying the fruit in my sleeping bag.To the eye of the behoof, it is indeed pitiful.And I know it’s not easy for kids to adjust.But compared to the past, this is the best I can do for my child.Four years ago, I was 29 and unmarried.The parents were like ants on hot bricks.All kinds of threats and promises, forcing me to date.I do not from, they will ask for leave to come to the city WHERE I work, live in my home, day after day chanting.They even threatened to retire early if they didn’t listen to me.I was so bored that I promised my parents to meet Yang Wenbin, a man introduced by a relative.He works in the city. He is three years older than me.The couple tried dating for half a year, and the wedding was held at the urging of both parents, especially mine.After marriage, Yang Wenbin and I could get along with each other though our feelings were thin.Yang Wenbin likes playing mah-jongg and also likes going to bars. I went to play with him several times before marriage.But I didn’t play cards or socialize, so I left him alone.A year later, I became pregnant, became unwell and slept too much.I hoped Yang Wenbin could change his normal state and accompany me more, but he promised but never did.I stand stomach, after dinner a person to go out for a walk, see other people’s pregnant women are being led by her husband like a princess, the in the mind is very sour.Find Yang Wenbin made a few times, he was tired of noisy, reluctantly go home on time.He said to accompany me for a walk, but more than a person bowed his head to play with the mobile phone, I have to take him to avoid wrestling.After that, I just gave up.I no longer wait for Yang Wenbin to come home late, eat dinner alone after work in the community casually around twice, and then get into bed.Because of their different schedules, they almost lived in the same house but rarely saw each other.Sometimes I feel lonely, I can only comfort myself because of the hormones during pregnancy, thinking that marriage is mostly like this, and life is lonely.Discover Yang Wenbin derailment, it is one day when get up early, see him soundly sleeping on sofa, do not know last night to play much late just come back.I was about to wake him up for a bath when I approached and saw that his T-shirt was on inside out.When I confronted him, he didn’t deny it. He even made sense.Because I go to bed early, we have no communication.He also said that sometimes he wanted to be intimate, and he was embarrassed to disturb me when HE saw me sleeping soundly.If you’ve been holding it in for a long time, there’s nothing wrong with stealing it to solve your physiological needs.I was speechless by his face, so I packed my bags and went home.However, after listening to me, my parents didn’t choose to help me.My parents pointed at my six-month-old belly and asked me what I wanted to do.Still think Yang Wenbin said right, is I as a wife did not take into account the feelings of a good husband.My mother said tearfully that if I had an abortion and got a divorce, I would not be able to find a husband if I dared to do so.His parents contacted Him privately, and he came to the door with gifts to apologize.After seeing him make a promise in front of his parents and not wanting to kick my baby in the belly, I went home with him even though I hadn’t completely forgiven the cheating and philandering man.I lost faith in it all and just wanted to go with the flow.My husband and parents, who were supposed to be my closest family, pushed me away one by one.In Yang Wenbin, I do not feel love, parents do not understand and forced me to feel cold.They wanted a daughter who was married and had children like most people. They didn’t care what I was going through or whether I was happy or not.I put all my thoughts about life on the belly of the little man.He is the fruit of my life. He is my only emotional bond.Guoguo was finally born, a lovely little girl.Her mother-in-law, dissatisfied with Guoguo’s gender, stayed at home for a few days, saying that her mother-in-law was taking care of yuezi anyway, so she would not make a mess and quickly returned to her hometown.My mother accompanied me for half a month, taught me some basic operations, because I could not ask for leave, also left.I’m alone with the kids, and I’m not fully adjusted.Soon, the time of maternity leave was running out, so Yang wenbin and I discussed whether we could have her mother-in-law come over to help take care of the baby.My parents aren’t retired and they can’t make it.Yang Wenbin also do not want us two people alone parenting, mainly afraid to give him the distribution of housework, plus spending, and really need me that a salary, so soft and hard to coax his mother.I appreciate my mother-in-law’s willingness to help with the children. She has been very kind to me.Occasionally buy small gifts, every day after work will take the initiative to do most of the housework, just to make her mother-in-law feel more relaxed.Although my mother-in-law is satisfied with my attitude, she still urges me to have two children every two days.The three generations of old Yang’s family can’t be blamed on me.Every time I talk about it, I can only smile.Until that day, the power went out at work, I received the notice of afternoon vacation at lunch, so I went home early.Just out of the elevator, I heard guo Guo crying.I quickly took out the key to open the door, but came a slap slap and mother-in-law’s voice: “you mean girl, I just want to nap you dare to wake up!Cry, cry, I don’t cry to death you.Cheap girl is cheap, sincere does not let me rest.”Shocked, I opened the door. My mother-in-law looked at me awkwardly, her raised right hand barely lowering it.I love dearly to hold the child, can not help but quarrel with her mother-in-law.Guoguo is only one year old, and he beat her for a short nap time?She knew she was wrong, but she didn’t want to lose to me.I called Yang Wenbin, said I left work early to fight with her.Yang wenbin arrived home soon, and before I could explain what the quarrel was about, he rushed to my face and slapped me twice.I was stunned.Yang Wenbin saw that I was shocked by him and began to scold me for my unfilial piety.I couldn’t hear what he said. I just felt dizzy and my ears were ringing and my eyes were black.I calmed down for two minutes, pulled out my phone and called the police.It was a domestic assault, but he wasn’t hurt. The police talked him out of it and left.Yang Wenbin and her mother-in-law stared at me frantically, pretending to pounce.Although I was frightened, I calmly said, “If you move again, I will call the police again.”Looking at Yang Wenbin and her mother-in-law did not move, I immediately pointed to the door and said loudly: “Now you immediately get out of my house!””With what is your house, even if you divorce, the property should also one person half!””Shouted the mother-in-law.I haven’t opened my mouth, Yang Wenbin ruthlessly said, you don’t regret.Then she dragged her mother-in-law away.I sneer at them, mother-in-law does not understand, Yang Wenbin can understand.The house was bought by myself before marriage. Since it is close to both of our units, we live in my side after marriage.In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise.Thank at the beginning of their own struggle under the property belongs to their own.Soon after they left, her mother called and Yang wenbin explained the situation to her.My mother said Yang wenbin had apologized to her for hitting me, saying he regretted it.Mother told me not to quibble about it.See ME stubborn, mother in the phone again with death, said I hit the child so little, can make so big, is naive.I finally could not bear it and shouted at my mother, “Small matter!Little things!Cheating is a small thing!Hitting a child for no reason is trivial!Abusing me is a small thing!I was having a good life on my own, and you’re forcing me to get married, and now you’re forcing me to put up with it?If the divorced daughter so let you do not like to see, you right when I had not been born!”I snapped off the phone, slumped on the floor, and finally burst into tears.We got divorced soon after.Yang Wenbin, who had a formal job, did not dare to tangle with me like a gangster.Guoguo, on the other hand, he and his mother would never have it.The mother-in-law insulted her by saying that if a girl was still a treasure, her son could marry a younger one and give birth to a bunch of fat boys.I was completely alone.It’s hard every day, and I can’t even get sick.It’s not easy for kids to follow.Thankfully, Guo Guo quickly adapted to waking up in the care center.Although she is young, she is also vaguely aware of the changes in her family and has become much more independent than other children her age.Such a day, although a little hard, but relaxed, compared with the despair of marriage before, much better.One day, half a year after the divorce, I picked up the kids as usual and stepped out of the elevator to find my mother waiting at the door.No contact for a long time, I can not say their feelings, can only mechanically greet mother into the door.”I didn’t talk to my family for half a year.Just met the neighbor’s old woman, she told me, you every morning holding the fruit in the sleeping bag to go out?””Yes.So what?”I’m guessing she’ll be accusatory, in a bad tone.Mother heaved a long sigh and whispered, “I’m retired, and so is your father next year.If you don’t mind, we’ll move in with you and take care of Guoguo.”I was surprised and touched that my mother volunteered.I arranged the room for my mother and listened to her ramble on and on about my cruelty.That familiar tone, it makes my nose sour.The next day, mother returned home to pack up, moved to my home.With her to help take care of Guoguo, I really feel a lot easier.But a few days later, the mother’s ramblings began a new round of content.What, since you’ve already been divorced once, don’t be too picky;What? Find someone new while you’re still young;What? Guoguo’s still young, and it’ll be easier to bond with a new dad now;What? No woman is better than a man.Every weekend, I just want to take Guoguo to play, she quickly rushed over to kick me out of the door, let me more time to date.I know she’s doing me good, but she’s still being screwed.I began to regret yielding to her help.But worse is to come.Half a year later, my father retired and came to live with me.Along with him came his high school classmate and his son, Wang Bing.Wang Bing had been divorced for two years and had a boy whose mother had wanted to introduce to me.I said no a few times, thinking mother understood my intention, why today unexpectedly closed the door.My father’s classmates and his wife looked up and down at me with the eyes of their future daughter-in-law.”Come here, future in-laws, come to the table!”In spite of my hints to stop her, my mother greeted her with unrestrained enthusiasm.The couple didn’t refute, instead, they talked to me intimately: “Young lady, we have a very good relationship with your parents. We also know your situation, and you also know our wang Bing’s situation?Guoguo, the same age as our grandson, will be a companion.Wang Bing of our family is also satisfied with you. What do you think?”I completely froze on the spot, do not know how to reply.Words, are already their own children of the people, even if love should also be our own communication, need old parents follow to ask me?I couldn’t help but look at wang Bing, who was supposed to be the leading role. Miraculously, with a look of indifference, he was carefully picking out a chicken leg from the soup pot and putting it into his bowl.Before I could speak, my father said, “What’s on her mind?I know everything about your family, no problem, they are more suitable for each other, no problem!”I was trying to figure out how to say no politely when Guoguo began to cry.My mother gave Guoguo a chicken leg, wang Bing’s son also want.But a pot of chicken soup only two chicken legs, Wang Bing himself first picked one, so before my mother to share, the little boy from the fruit bowl to grab open.Mother comforted guoguo: “Nothing is nothing, we let brother.Grandma will make it for you this afternoon.”Wang Bing’s mother also coaxed her grandson: “Don’t rob, don’t rob, let your sister give you some.”However, Wang Bing, clearly aware of the dispute, did not share the dried chicken legs in his bowl with his son, as if it was none of his business.A terrible chill went through my heart.How are my parents trying to set me up with a husband?I mean, that’s two sons for me.Guo Guo in the mother’s comfort stopped crying, small body is still trembling.I made up my mind that I would never let anything like this happen to my child again.My baby, if you want to eat a chicken leg, why should you give up a giant baby in her thirties?After careful consideration, I pretended to be willing to communicate with Wang Bing in front of my parents.Privately, I contacted my best friend who lives in the provincial capital and asked her to help me rent a small apartment.I found a trusted real estate agent who consigned my house to let.After making arrangements, I told my parents that if I remarried, I would like to redecorate the house.It’s fit for two kids, and I suggest they go back for a while.Parents readily agreed, said to take guoguo home first, let me watch the construction.I said, anyway with the company to ask for leave, or I take guoguo, accompany her to play for a few days.After seeing my parents off, I packed my luggage and took the car to the provincial capital with Guoguo.As with divorce, THIS time I chose to escape from forced marriage.A failed marriage has left me with a fatherless child and a lot of pain.I would never be foolish enough to let myself get caught up in it again.Let no one persecute you.It’s not that I don’t yearn for love, but it should be based on understanding and respect.The mama’s boy my parents forced on me would only destroy me again.Now I, will not be so silly, will never be like the past was the parents to carry forward.If you quit your job, you can find it again. If you take the wrong path in life, it will be hard.I have my daughter, my life, and I believe that both of us have what it takes to survive.END focus on emotional story push every day