Hongguang MINI Valentine’s Day stickers project @ Xi ‘an station successfully concluded

2022-05-04 0 By

— February 14, 2022, Hongguang MINI Valentine’s Day stickers program held in Xi ‘an Jinhui Square successfully concluded.The first warm tiger year, Wuling linkage nationwide 100 cities “power for love” to open the Valentine’s Day paste plan, give users love “paste”, at the same time to send New Year wishes;He expressed his love in various creative ways and left many “sticky” moments.February 14th, a link rich and romantic atmosphere of “Hongguang Mini Valentine’s Day paste plan” in Xi ‘an Jinhui Square wonderful performance.The overall sales volume of GSEV of HONGguang MINI& Baojun KiWi SAIC-GGM Wuling exceeded 750,000;Hongguang MINIEV has been the new energy sales champion in China for 16 consecutive months and the global new energy sales champion for five times.With the improvement of living standards, and the generation born in the 1980s, 1990s and even 2000s becoming the main consumers of cars, the value and significance of cars for people have changed.With the arrival of the development tide of new energy vehicles and the unique car needs of the young generation, KiWi EV emerged.It is not only a “futuristic modern car” that can meet young people’s unique aesthetic taste, but also a “fashion travel item” that they cannot refuse.At the event of the Hongguang MINI Stickers program on February 14, exquisite and delicious desserts.Full romantic, let love linger around you, sweet atmosphere is full.Participants in the event will get special gifts for Valentine’s Day. The romantic scene will make guests feel the full intention of the event layout. There will be a confession wall, stilt performance art and other clock-in places.Love stick stick stick, write down the deepest love, to the romantic Valentine’s day to leave the proof of love.”Tietie.com” is not only a symbol of love, but also a trendy act of expressing love through car decoration. Hongguang MINIEV works with users to show love in different ways on the special day of Valentine’s Day.Love falls from the sky: shopping mall consumption coupons, discount coupons, movie tickets and other balloon activities have been successfully concluded, thank you for your participation and support!Welcome to join us. Let’s work together to create a beautiful chapter.