Car and booze?Shenyang police 5 hours to restore the truth!

2022-05-04 0 By

Recently, Shenyang City Public Security Bureau Tiexi branch strictly implemented the flat command and dispatch “three qing” mechanism requirements, through careful investigation, continuous operations, cracked a theft case, the suspect Zhu (46 years old) was arrested by the police.At 21:58 on February 3, Shenyang City public Security Bureau Tiexi branch received the police: Tiexi branch received the masses Mr. Wang to report to the police, said its parked in tiexi District Yan New street near the market of the car stolen, the car also has a case value of 8400 yuan of high-grade liquor, a case value of 5400 yuan of high-grade red wine.After receiving the alarm, tiexi branch immediately organized police work.After in-depth visits, police officers in the case at 1:00 a.m. on February 4 in yuhong District bohai Road near a community found stolen vehicles.Police investigating the case through the surrounding surveillance video of the community found that the suspect entered the community, transferred the wine in the car to another white car and drove away.Subsequently, the police around the white car began to touch the row visit, and finally locked Zhu mou is suspected of committing major crimes.At 3:20 in the morning of February 4, the police captured Zhu in a small area near the Bohai Road in Hong District.According to Zhu mou’s account, the police in the underground garage in the community to find Zhu mou driving white car, and in the vehicle trunk seized all stolen goods.After the trial, the suspect Zhu mou confessed to the theft of vehicles and items in the car criminal facts.According to Zhu mou account: its in the passing tiexi District yan New street near a market, see a car car keys did not pull out, so they will drive the car to his home village door.When getting off, it found that there were drinks in the car, so they stole the drinks.At present, the suspect Zhu mou has been detained by the police in accordance with the law because of suspected theft, the case is being further handled.Source: Shenyang Public Security Bureau editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang