NetEase cloud music “beauty vest” flood, the market crushed the music feelings

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Overview: NetEase Cloud Music is full of contradictions in its development:On the one hand, the stock price of cloud music has fallen by nearly 30% in the first month of listing. In order to restore market confidence, gain recognition from the capital market and improve future profitability expectations, the live streaming business in the form of “beauty mask” has become a special prescription to save cloud music, gradually moving towards kitgaudy.On the other hand, NetEase Cloud Music, as the carrier of a generation of music feelings, was originally loved by the public, but due to the increasing kitgish content, it has lost its core music power, or will lose a large number of users who really believe in the power of music.Such contradictory NetEase cloud music, worth exploring.1. How important is the revenue brought by live streaming to NetEase Cloud Music?2. Compared with live video streaming, how difficult is it for NetEase Cloud to make money from music projects?3, the real musicians and fans will be lost, NetEase cloud music how to take into account music feelings?Born in 2013, NetEase Cloud Music has stood at the top of the contempt chain of music apps for a long time, and once became a synonym for xiaozi youth, allowing countless users to show their taste and style to the outside world through the use of this APP.Unfortunately, capital does not buy sentiment.On December 2, 2021, Cloud Music was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and broke its shares on the first day of listing. The closing price of HK $199.90 was 2.49% lower than the offering price of HK $205, and the trend of continuous decline was obvious.The cloud music has been made emO by the stock price, how to recover the market confidence, and at the same time take into account the capital market and music feelings?Become a difficult problem in front of NetEase cloud music.Live bring revenue, how important to NetEase cloud music after all?Cloud music is increasingly inseparable from the live streaming business.According to the prospectus of NetEase Cloud Music, its revenue comes from two business segments: online music service, social entertainment service and other services. The former mainly relies on vinyl VIP and music package subscriptions, and the latter mainly comes from the rewards of its LOOK live broadcast.According to the data since 2018, from 2018 to 2021, the audited revenue of cloud music social entertainment services was 121 million yuan, 541 million yuan, 2.273 billion yuan and 1.579 billion yuan respectively. In the past four years, the compound growth rate of this business segment reached 89.73%, and the revenue proportion increased from 10.6% at the beginning to 49.6%.Behind the data growth lies the quietly changing style of Look live.When NetEase Cloud Music first launched live streaming in 2018, “high recruitment requirements” was a common comment from people in the industry.There is even a guild described as “NetEase cloud music recruitment is the most stringent entry threshold in history”.Compared with other platforms, Look was basically a music-oriented performance, full of artistic style, which was in line with the consistent user group tonality of NetEase Cloud Music.However, even Steve, a senior user of NetEase Cloud Music, could not say when Look live broadcast would start, and it is no different from other live streaming platforms.Today, beauty has replaced music as the bait to inspire users to reward business.If you open NetEase cloud Music APP, you can see the background pictures full of attractive beauties as the cover of live broadcast, which is even bigger than some of the main live broadcast software of shows.In addition, NetEase Cloud Music is still recruiting short video operation, MCN operation, anchor and other positions on major recruitment websites.It is worth noting that among the requirements for the anchor position, “asking for gifts” has become a priority recruitment condition, and the word “music” has been hard to find.In fact, based on the current actual situation, NetEase Cloud Music has become more and more dependent on the revenue increase brought by the live streaming business, and the live streaming business has become the most important weight for it to regain market confidence and win the right to speak in the capital market.Compared to live video, how hard is it for NetEase Cloud to make money from music projects?Countless musicians once thought that NetEase Cloud music would bring more opportunities and income to their peers just as Taobao is to small businesses.However, in fact, between cloud music platform and musicians, there is no establishment of a virtuous cycle of ecology.Howard (pseudonym), an independent musician who signed a contract with NetEase Cloud Music, said, “Musicians make money on NetEase Cloud mainly from copyright play. Except for the top singers, other musicians basically make no money. I may earn about 10 yuan after uploading my songs for a year.”On August 31, 2021, After Tencent officially announced that it would give up the exclusive music copyright, NetEase CEO Ding Lei said publicly that NetEase would be open to buy as long as the exclusive copyright was released.Therefore, it seems likely that NetEase Cloud Music will use its funds to buy Copyrights, which will naturally further weaken its support for independent musicians.”People in the industry think NetEase Cloud Music is just a social software with Music functions,” Howard said. “NetEase’s lossless sound quality is not as good as Apple Music’s sound quality. The platform doesn’t want to improve the basic quality of Music, and it doesn’t care about the creators.The reason is that domestic music platforms have too little revenue.According to Howard, Look live is cloud music’s hope to develop new business to increase revenue source, after all, music platform membership revenue should be basically the same as video platform.In addition, it has been proved that music is not a good form of marketing compared with video, and it is difficult for musicians to make money on the platform, which is far faster than the host “Big Brother Dog”.Real musicians and music fans or will be lost, NetEase cloud music how to take into account music feelings?Now, as a listed company, NetEase Cloud Music has to produce beautiful results in order to be recognized by the market, and the live broadcast business is the prescription to save cloud music. In order to improve the “efficacy”, it has to put on the “beauty vest” and gradually conform to the vulgar.It is foreseeable that NetEase cloud music will have more entertainment functions and more beautiful women, which will be more like other live show platforms.It is equally predictable that all this will continue to increase the monetization of the platform, but what is not predictable is where users who truly believe in the power of music will go in the future.In the face of the reality that real musicians and music fans may be lost, how should NetEase Cloud Music take into account the capital market and music feelings?Perhaps social entertainment is the best answer, perhaps the worst.