Behind bright bright female star Sun Li is sad original family

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She is the most popular female star in the world, Sun Li. At first glance, her facial features have no dead Angle at 360 degrees. At first glance, she is deeply depressed.Her features are perfect, they are beyond reproach.The more you see, the better you look.She is also “jade guanyin” in the heroine at ease, pure, simple but elegant, quietly elegant such as chrysanthemum, but difficult mask noble temperament.Sun Li is in “jade goddess of Mercy” in personate set his mind at the level of appearance and acting coexist she, have very sad original family however.When Sun Li is very small, parents divorce, father abandons 2000 yuan alimony, remarry with her person, sun Li young heart buried the seed that hated father abandons her and mother.To cultivate a daughter, the mother of Sun li one person hits a few jobs, in sun Li mother the most difficult hour, also never forget to cultivate a daughter.Sun Li and her mother Sun Li was very young was sent to the children’s Palace to learn dance, she has a talent for dance, harder than the children of the same age, she did not want to let her mother down.She made up her mind that she was going to be somebody and impress her father.As she grew up, she became more and more charming.In order to find a job, she took 2,000 yuan from her mother and came to Beijing alone. But she soon ran out of money and could not pay the rent, and was nearly evicted by her landlord.It was not until one day that she received 8,000 yuan sent to her anonymously that she pulled through and stayed in Beijing.She called her mother and asked if she had sent her any money.Her mother said no, but later found out that her father and stepmother had sent it to her, so she did not leave her name for fear that she would not accept it.At that time sun Li never thought of reconciliation with her father, she hated her father abandoned her and her mother.Until one day, when she finished shooting Shanghai Tang, she met her father, who was selling food stalls. His face was wrinkled, his hair was gray, and his eyes were a little tired. Her hatred for her father suddenly turned into pity and heartache.From the half-sister Sun Yan said: “stepmother is sick, father spent all the money, there is no way to go out to make money.”She told her mother all this, and she said, “Your father was wrong. It was she who brought you into this world, and you have a sister.”Sun Li and half-sister Sun Yan gene power is really very strong, the two sisters really like.Sun Li gave his father money, let him take good care of his stepmother, stepmother in the care of his father recovered.She also bought property in Shanghai for her stepmother and her own mother.Sun Li’s mother finally is bittersweet, the daughter succeeded, and his father reconciliation.Although the original family is unfortunate, but Sun Li has not given up efforts.The misfortune of her native family did not defeat her, but made her stronger.From Sun Li, we see: “suffering does not defeat us, but makes us stronger.”Sun Li is the woman that collects beauty wisdom self-restraint at an organic whole, when she is the most difficult, it is father and stepmother take out only savings to help her, when father and stepmother are difficult, she recompenses stepmother double!Sun Li is unlucky, but she is lucky, because she has two mothers who love her.If the heart is good, sunshine is everywhere, if the heart has been full of hatred, will never be happy!