9 am!The mouth issued a bombard against the FOOTBALL association, thousands of yuan of subsidies spoiled men’s football, directed at Chen Xuyuan

2022-05-03 0 By

Questions about the treatment of men’s and women’s football have been raised recently after the men’s humiliating loss to Vietnam and the women’s stunning Asian Cup victory.According to the outside world, although the treatment of our women’s football team is now at a high level in the world, but compared with the performance and treatment of men’s football team, fans still feel inadequate.Just yesterday, Titan Sports reporter Wang Xiaorui talked about the subsidy for men’s football training. He said that now the national team training camp is paid 1,000 yuan per person per day, 400 yuan per day before the round of 12, and 200 yuan per person per day in the earliest days.After seeing this news, the fans are not angry to hit a place, bluntly to the “multimillionaire” men’s football team training subsidies, is simply a waste of resources.Han Qiaosheng, a famous commentator, also responded to the incident, writing: “The football association is also responsible for the loss because of the players’ own abilities.Chinese football players are spoiled children by the FOOTBALL association. They take every game as a task. They can get 1000 a day if they lose anyway.From 400 to 1,000 a day.One thousand a day, thirty thousand a month, that’s a lot of money.In the long run, it is easy to form the concept that football is all about money, which will lead to the winning and losing of the game.Alas, man’s habit is bad!Have to say, Han Qiaosheng’s point of view is hit the nail on the head, Chinese men’s football performance plummeted, from the previous Asian second-rate all the way down to the bottom of the Asian level, there is a personal ability problem, but all kinds of ultra specifications of the “treatment” is also the culprit.Just as Han Qiaosheng said, the daily training subsidy is now 1,000 yuan, but it was only 200 yuan before the round of 12, and it increased to 400 yuan during the period. But with the doubling of the training subsidy, the men’s football team did not turn the incentive into the motivation to win, but lost to Vietnam.It feels like the more money you give, the harder you lose, and it conveys a very bad value to the outside world.From han Qiaosheng’s position, the spearhead has pointed to the football association and Chen Xuyuan.Men’s football is down and out today, “money” is undoubtedly the chief culprit.Chen Xuyuan led salary cuts and salary limits in the league, so that the real rational return to football.But at the same time, he made the fatal mistake of bringing the value of “playing for money” to the National football team instead of sticking to his “belief in football”.In the past, “multimillionaires” lacked professionalism and feared that they would be hurt if they fought too hard to make a lot of money. Now, under the background of unpaid salaries and salary restrictions, they regard the selection of National football team as a stable “income” channel.It is reasonable to increase the subsidy for winning games, but it is not reasonable to increase the subsidy for losing games by 5 times.