Steph curry 50+16 AMVP, 3 screen confirmation, thanks to James

2022-05-02 0 By

Stephen Curry deserves his first ALL-STAR MVP award after scoring 50 points, five rebounds, two assists, one steal and two blocks on 16-of-27 3-pointers in a 163-160 win for the James Team, and he really has lebron James to thank for three images from the game.Sure, Curry was able to hit 50 points with 16 of 27 3-pointers, that’s hard power, but there’s also help from the outside world. Lebron James is the most important outside factor, and three images speak for themselves.One, in three points, three points thanks to James in the first quarter is only 4 2 6 points outside the lines, but the second quarter, he once and section 6 in a single grain of three all-star record, James cousin wei James help Arsenal back three points in the second quarter, the elder brother of the letters to help Arsenal hit left feet three points, James baseline ball receiving looking for garage,Curry hit LOGO’s 3;As you can see, James makes a nice pass to curry’s left corner for a 3.On the next baseline serve, James went straight to Curry, who hit his fourth 3 and exploded.He then dribbled a 3-pointer of his own, and Johnny passed the ball again, putting Curry in burst mode with six 3-pointers in the quarter.Note, when Treasury half of 8 to 11 three points after 24 points, James team all-hands are realized, if victory will lift the MVP trophy in the Treasury, and the third quarter to battle again, garage his dribbling threw a grain of three points, some teachers and demar derozan help each garage hits three points after a grain, James and help boom in grain in the Treasury, his dribbling into two grain of three points,Giannis antetokounmpo makes another pass, and Curry has 15 3-pointers in three quarters and 45 MVP points.James made four of Curry’s 15 3-pointers, and it was his three consecutive assists in the second quarter that led the team to start providing shots for Curry, one of the details of curry’s breakout that, after all, requires a shot.James did everything he could to find Curry.James continued to garage “ball”, after the two sides battle to 155-155 – note, then match the picture shown, James led the team several times to garage “ball”, the purpose is to let him to will be the MVP in the form of scoring into her arms, however, durant team certainly won’t give in easily, even use ofthe Treasury strategy, the critical moment,James began to push.James’ “Kill shot”.After the game was tied at 155-155, Antetokounmpo drove embiid for a layup, James stole a basket, and derozan drove to the basket for a 161-157 lead. Booker’s 3-pointer put Durant up 160-161,163 and both teams had a chance to win.James took charge of the final drive.Lavine’s one-on-one defense was real. Embiid came from the free throw line to block the shot. Facing two defenders, James took a step-back midrange shot to finish the shot.Note that if lebron doesn’t win, curry will most likely be out of the MVP race even if he scores 50 points with 16 3-pointers, and James will make curry’s dream come true!Throughout the game, James really did his best to put Curry on the AMVP throne and prove that he really likes Him, so Curry can win the AMVP trophy and add another honor to himself, thanks to James.