I am proud to be a good guardian of cultural relics.

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The 29th day of the 12th lunar month is the launch day of the 2022 “Our Festival, Spring Festival — Pingyao Chinese Year” campaign, and the first day that pingyao ancient City scenic spot will implement the free admission policy for tourists from all over the country during the 2022 Spring Festival.Pingyao ancient city ying Xunmen square, music and music, jin music curl, the ancient city west street merchants and residents are busy pasting Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns, the Festival of the New Year from a touch of Chinese red, diffuse, in the ancient wind and rhyme of blue bricks and grey tiles rising out of a different kind of peace and warmth.Located in the ancient city of the west street risheng Chang piaohao museum, the day ushered in a lot of tourists, the staff has long been accustomed to the rhythm of the holiday stick to the post, this year is no exception, all on duty.Inside the museum, it is clean and tidy, and the atmosphere is solemn.Risheng Chang Ticket Museum curator Liu Shengbin came to the museum early in the morning, in good spirits with the staff to check the security of the museum, remind tourists to wear masks, keep 1 meters of noodles, orderly visit……The cramped, three-walled compound was once home to the country’s “financial giants”.Jin merchants in Ming and Qing dynasties crisscrossed Europe and Asia for 500 years, and the piaohao, which was born in Pingyao, created a peak in the history of the development of Jin merchants.Founded in 1823, Rishengchang Bank opened a new era of “weighing the weight and weight of daily interest, the popularity of Chinese and western exchange paper”, making Pingyao once become the financial center of the country, once mastered the economic lifeline of the Qing Dynasty, and created a business legend that connects the world.”When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited pingyao ancient City, he came to Risheng Chang Piao Museum to understand the incubation and development of Jin merchants’ culture and spirit.My heart is very excited. The general Secretary’s sincere instructions and important instructions have inspired all the staff of the Museum, and strengthened our sense of mission and pride in protecting cultural relics and carrying forward our culture.”Liu shengbin said excitedly, “The general secretary said that we should Revere history, culture and ecology, make the bottom line of cultural heritage safety, and protect the precious wealth left to us by our predecessors.This is the sacred mission of our cultural relic workers.””Safety is the top priority of cultural relics protection units. We implement a shift system led by leaders, which requires irregular and 24-hour patrols every day.Each staff member in the museum has a responsibility area, every hour patrol;Miniature fire station personnel patrol every two hours to ensure the museum is absolutely safe.”On the wall of Liu shengbin’s office are neatly pasted the duty schedules of various departments during the Spring Festival, with each person’s patrol hours and responsibility area clearly written out.”Cultural relics are not renewable resources, but also fragile and scarce goods. Protecting them is like treading on thin ice.”Talking about the importance of cultural protection industry, Liu Shengbin has deep feelings.From more than 20 years has been responsible for the security work of cultural relics, the construction of the bearing the historical and cultural memory and implements, in his eyes, like their loved ones, he said: “in the autumn and winter dry season, when we clean up the museum health, don’t have a broom, specially with half dry and wet mop mop the floor, to maintain relative humidity inside.””As the ‘guardians’ of cultural relics, we will keep in mind The instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strengthen cultural confidence, dig deeper into the cultural connotation of Jin merchants, and make the ancient city full of new vitality and vitality in the new era!”Liu shengbin said.Bai Xuhong, CAO Huayun (Editor: Wen Wen, Ma Yunmei)