Her parents divorced and she dropped out of college. Why did her youth die young?

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Just read a freshman, small poem was expelled from school, no voice, life and death.01 Xiao Shi is my high school classmate, in our liberal arts class top.Small poem actually five official long good, round face, a little baby fat, smile is very sweet.Unfortunately, his face was full of green peas, potholes, always let a person feel in a hurry to go out, randomly washed the face, did not wash clean.Her classmates didn’t like her very much, and it wasn’t because of her looks.Most of us who study in rural counties are plain and have not learned to judge people by their appearance.Xiao Shi is precocious beyond our age, and compared with us this group of naive middle school students, she always seems to be out of place.Xiao Shi is plump, but she speaks delicately.Her voice is very good to listen to, will naturally act in pettish hair dia, let like eating honey, the heart of sweet silk.That gentle appearance, like a bird according to people, people love.However, slightly unsatisfied, on the original shape, apricot eyes round open, pulling the throat Shouting, like the east of the river roar, two different people, and her body more suitable.Anyone who dared to offend her, she appeared in the latter image, like a sensitive hedgehog, stabbing people everywhere, so everyone as far away as possible.Xiao Shi is a section representative, the section representative will receive homework.She was seen wiping blood from a pimple with someone else’s exercise book.When we handed in the homework, we could not help praying silently in our hearts and worrying about the fate of the homework.Of course, it was partly because she was so good at school that people envied her.Three women a play, liberal arts classes are mostly girls, chattering world is bound to be very subtle.We see the teacher, not like a mouse to see a cat, can hide hide, run for his life, is like a courtiers to see the emperor, deferential, low brow.She was very close to her teachers, unusually close.She seems never afraid of teachers, like and adults, equal communication, natural conversation, so we admire.The school rules that middle school students are not allowed to enter the dance hall, so she asked male teachers to dance with her.Our jaws dropped when we learned that our seemingly good-for-nothing teacher, whom we liked so much, had gone to the dance with her.We all wondered, how did she do it?When high school two years, a male teacher write love letter to small poem, be discovered by her father, took the school.The consequence was that the teacher was transferred to the next grade.The male teacher also looks like a gentle, modest gentleman, and a beautiful girlfriend.We got a new teacher.Unfortunately, the good times did not last long, small poem and this teacher ogle.The students said that the poem is the teacher’s touchstone, see which teacher is not sanctimonious?We grew up to the teacher’s worship, look up to the heart also crashed a ground.Xiao Shi’s parents are divorced and she lives with her father.Mom is in another city, a city we have never been to, it feels very far away.In fact, we almost never leave the county, no matter where will feel far.But it is true that none of us have ever seen her mother.For a while, I heard father and daughter were fighting.Small poem gnash teeth to say to break off the relationship between father and daughter, and then moved out of a person to live.In private, we sympathized and felt sorry for the poem.Mom’s not around, and dad’s so fucked up, you look like an abandoned orphan.But still no one wanted to get close to her, for fear of her fierce eyes and aggressive tone.I feel that we are all like kindergarten children in front of her.Why make trouble for yourself?Small poems play very crazy, but also very hard to learn, I heard that sometimes all night to study.Children in small counties have little hope of going to college. There is no hope and no pressure. There are not many children willing to fight so hard.Once I heard from my classmates that once, when she collapsed to despair, she got the first place in the liberal arts class, so she had the courage to live again.Turns out, grades are her lifeline.02 when the college entrance examination, the small poem succeeded in taking an examination of our liberal arts class first.It just so happened that several of us went to high school together in college.Far away from home of our natural pro plus pro, everyday mix together, but she is still free from us.We went to town like hillbilks, still trembling to adapt to college life, small poetry has been like a duck to water, mixed wind fresh water.Thirty years east, thirty years west.Ballroom dancing was banned in high school, ballroom dancing was compulsory in college.When the physical education teacher is still hand in hand to teach freshmen to dance, small poem is already a master dancer, zha dance floor.At last she could hold her head high and show off, and no longer have to hide and hide her way into the ballroom.Dressing up, not to mention.Xiao Shi already knew how to dress up charming and feminine, rather than silly student sister.Xiao Shi has become a pioneer in the university.She had been in the school ballroom a few times and was no longer above dancing with boys her age.It soon became known that she had made many social friends, and it seemed that many of the bosses around the school were personally friendly with her.Although the university is the same, the dormitory is the same, she is upstairs, we are downstairs, but we seem to be in different planets, it is difficult to intersect.Occasionally, she is dressed fashionably, rich in speech, looking and flying, mature.Later, I heard that she no longer lived in the dormitory.The gap between us is more and more difficult to cross, sometimes can not help but wonder, is she our classmate?At the beginning of the sophomore year, I heard that she had been expelled at the end of the freshman year. I was shocked like a bolt from the blue, and then I felt sorry for her.Because we know how difficult it is to enter a university from a small mountain town.For so many years, few people have been admitted to college, which is lucky.All the hardships to get, but such as flash in the pan, fleeting, how do not let a person sad?Besides, grades were something she clung to like straws.It was said that she was living with the owner of a shop outside the school, and her dorm mates reported her.Perhaps it was her flamboyant, do-it-yourself style that was resented.At the end of the first year, xiao Shi’s mother rushed to the school.It was said that she was very poorly dressed, that her face was haggard, that she looked much older than her age, and that she was a miserable woman.She fell to her knees before the leader, sobbing, pleading with him for a chance to reform her daughter, but to no avail.The leaders felt the influence was too bad.At that time, college students were not encouraged to fall in love with each other, let alone cohabit with public figures.Let’s make an example of him.Then I heard she jumped, from the sixth floor.Some say crippled, some say dead…No one knew for sure, and no one wanted to confirm the grim news.More than two decades later, we still don’t know that she may have long since faded from many people’s memories.At the time, some said she was a maverick who had brought it on herself.Some say she is immoral, and rightly so.At that time, we did not know what is called adolescent rebellion, do not know the meaning of parents to children, do not know what it is to be isolated by the public, do not know the warmth of family, school care for a child means…At that time the poem must have been so lonely, lonely, lack of security, she had struggled so hard…Unfortunately, we do not understand her, do not treat her well.