Tanchun | when “South Yan” change “South control” xishan district these two areas are still the ideal place to buy!

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Thanks to the strategic planning adjustment of the southward shift of Kunming in the past few years, as well as the advantaged natural resources, the real estate development in xishan District has begun to take shape and become an important livable place in Kunming.Represented by the overall rise of Caohai district and Shuangta District, Xishan District has become a gathering place for high-end residential buildings in Kunming, highlighting the regional value.Xishan district is one of the main cities of Kunming city. After the administrative division adjustment in 2004, Xishan district covers a total area of 791 square kilometers, with a total population of more than 1 million.Among them, the urban built-up area reached 42 square kilometers, mainly including the people’s Road, West Huancheng Road and panlong River enclosed area.Xishan District got its name because of the beautiful “Western Mountains” in xishan district. Its advantages in natural resources are obviously outstanding.Apart from the lush Xishan mountain, the area encircled by more than half of Dianchi Lake is also a resource advantage that Xishan district takes pride in. The shoreline of more than 90 kilometers of Dianchi lake and the water area of 12 square kilometers of Dianchi Caohai form a beautiful ecological landscape.The dense distribution of scenic spots such as Xishan Forest Park, Yunnan Ethnic Village, Daguanou, Qipan Mountain, Guanyin Mountain and Wanyun Mountain has laid a good environmental foundation for the formation of the livable value of Xishan District. Therefore, the positioning of Xishan district has been adjusted to become a residential area.And the real estate development began to rise gradually, the residential value of xishan district began to highlight.With the modern new Kunming development strategy of “one lake and four areas” centering on Dianchi lake, the strategic position of Xishan District has been significantly improved because it owns more than half of Dianchi Lake. Later, the strategic planning position of Xishan District was established as the sub-center of Nanshi, and the administrative organs moved southward, and the center of urban development of Kunming began to move southward.Last year’s policy of “east expansion, West expansion, south control, North expansion, and middle excellence” was replaced by “South control.”The so-called “south control” refers to moderately controlling the development intensity of the southern bank of Dianchi Lake, realizing the harmonious coexistence of mountains, rivers, cities and lakes, persisting in the development of water, setting the city by water, changing the development concept of “building a city around the lake and layout around the lake”, and increasing the development heat represented by Caohai and Shuangta areas.And just because “south delay” change “south control”, can be said to be to kunming in full swing around the lake development stepped on a brake deceleration.The underlined “control the development intensity of the southern bank of Dianchi Lake” also means that the land use planning, development intensity and new projects of the southern bank of Dianchi Lake will be sharply reduced in the future, which will make the Guandian project in Kunming increasingly scarce.Among them, the caohai area is the closest plate to the city center.There are sunac in the south bank, Gemdale, Huaxia, China Railway, Baoneng and other housing enterprises in the north bank have enclosed land in this area, the land resources of the whole Caohai area can be said to be carved up, and the housing enterprises that have not been stationed in the future have little chance to occupy the position.The table shows the details of real estate in Caohai Area. The products sold in the area are mainly low-density products such as foreign houses and villas, among which sunac Cultural Travel City project is a cultural travel project, and its supporting facilities also drive the appreciation of the whole area.Shuangta area is adjacent to the traditional urban area in the north and the future new center of Wujiaba CBD in the southeast. It not only occupies the mature supporting facilities of the main city, but also enjoys the central part of the city for the future development of Wujiaba.The film area is similar to wujiaba development train of thought, the twin towers residential area main are high-end improve type, has the characteristics of large area, high price, from the perspective of the development experience of wujiaba, kunming high-end housing group is willing to pay for it, what’s more, the twin towers area of resource and supporting than wujiaba area are ready,The value of the area’s high-end homes is even more pronounced.At the same time, on April 25 last year, Kunming Xishan District Bureau of Education and Sports issued “Xishan District Twin Towers Area Supporting Primary School Construction Project Design Tender Announcement”, a total investment of 130 million yuan is planned to build primary schools in this area.It is reported that the shuangta area is the introduction of a large scale standardized public primary school in Xishan district – Shulin Small.This means that shuangta District, a hot area in South Kunming, will officially welcome the arrival of this public primary school, which will make up the education deficiency of the area, benefit tens of thousands of surrounding residents, and greatly enhance the value and development potential of the area.Article source: Leju buying quality content recommendation from the opening of another step!The latest development of Kunming Metro Line 5 is coming!In January, Kunming commercial housing supply of 571,400 square meters, Junfa City single project supply of 65,300 square meters into the main new mileage of more than 1,000 kilometers last year!Yunnan highway access to 115 counties