The Spring Festival I on-the-job | XiXia public security: the New Year I on-the-job, peace “p”

2022-04-30 0 By

The Spring Festival, is the reunion, is accompanied, however, have so a group of people per they always stand on the job at this time to patrol the streets with footsteps measure every inch of land safely “conscientious” is their label “stick to” is their business card they use “stick to” tribute the New Year will be in service to the masses heart peace into the Spring Festival I on-the-job police don’t close the Spring Festival I on-the-job,Please rest assured that happy NEW YEAR, to take care of everyone, give up rest, give up and family reunion for the reunion of thousands of people, in order to maintain the overall social stability during the festival, to create peace, peace and stability of the social environment, stick to the post, fighting in the maintenance of stability, crime, the first line of security.”Year” this word, for the police shu shu are more of the New Year’s security, traffic line of dredging, emergency rescue, illegal crime crackdown processing, streets and streets patrol and police station in the stick…When thousands of families enjoy the Spring Festival reunion moment when you travel with your family across the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland we choose to stick to the post for the heart of the constant dedication to public security willing to be lonely we Xixia public security day and night adhere to protect the safety of the Spring Festival, I wish you peace and peace