The ancient river is really spoony to yun Yun!

2022-04-29 0 By

Hello everyone, welcome to Dake Comic book, I am the author dake, take you into the world of comic book.I have a new story for you today called “Fight through the Sky.”Stay tuned!We all know the Chinese idiom xū yǔ yǔ W ē I yi, which means to treat others with false affection or peremptorily.Without further words, the text is as follows: Yunshan looked at the ancient River and said: Ancient River!Are you going to betray me, the Yunlan Clan?!The ancient river is holding yun yun to say: the way is different not phase to seek, if not because you buckle rhyme son, why should I with you pretend to be a snake?Since you have disavowed her as an apprentice, but also the pain of the murder, then our agreement naturally void!Xiao Yan use emperor Yin, Yunshan thought to see how long you can hold!Turning to look at the dust said: Your teacher is not available to help you.If we drag this out, it’s gonna be you.Well, that’s the end of today’s cartoon. See you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the big animation of yunshan, actually hurt yunyun!Medicine zunzu appeared, and the soul hall calculate old accounts!