“Stupid Kids” broke 500 million yuan, yi Yangqianxi acting praise, six supporting actors also contributed

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On the first day of 2022, eight films will be screened at one time, which can be described as “the eight immortals crossing the sea, each with his own talent”.With a score of 7.4 out of 10 on Douban, Miracle Kid has become a “dark horse” in the film industry at the beginning of the year.The leading and supporting actors in the film have also been praised by netizens for their acting skills.First, let’s take a look at what people said about the film: “Once again, Jackson Yi is a fan of the film. The acting is on line throughout the film, showing the struggles of an ordinary person like water……””It’s a very warm and touching movie, and I’ve cried the most times I’ve seen it so far.”There are many more……Both the director’s control of the plot and the characterization of the characters in this drama are of a high standard.Director Wen Muye’s last work “DYING to Survive” broadcast, is also a very good response, to earn enough tears of the audience.Unexpectedly, four years later, the broadcast of “Stupid Children” let Wen Muye create brilliant.On the day of the premiere, it directly broke 100 million!Today, it has made more than 500 million yuan.This data, for emotional films, has been remarkable.And to everyone’s surprise, the casting of this production is absolutely amazing.Whether as the leading yi Yangqianxi, or other supporting roles, are their own distinctive characteristics.Yi yangqianxi has excellent resources among the new generation of actors, and he often plays characters with distinct roles, so he has developed his superb acting skills.In this film, his every action, a look, can be minute audience into the story.Seeing the title of the movie, many people wonder, how a group of clumsy children can create miracles?Especially in the first few minutes, their plight was on full display.Yi Yangqianxi as Jing Hao, a show let people love dearly.I just came of age, not only without the care of parents, but also to take care of young sick sister alone.An operation cost of hundreds of thousands, let Jing Hao had to take a sword.From the moment he set up an electronics factory, it was destined to be a difficult road.Because the electronics factory was small and the wages were low, the people it could hire were either hard of hearing, nice, and a boxer fresh out of prison.Can such a group of strange people really keep the factory going for a long time?Not only that, there are numerous external tests, such as sister in two years if not surgery, will die forever.And he needs to find someone to receive goods, loans and so on, these pressures on Jing Hao, for him every minute can not be delayed.In the movie, during a stormy night mixed with a typhoon, Jing Hao fails to seek help and walks alone in the dark.Typhoon hubbub blew over, his only raincoat to blow off, compared to the cold body, his heart cold more distressed people.He kept hoping for a miracle.I can find a lot of money, cure my sister’s disease, and fulfill my mother’s last wish.Unfortunately, turning over for him, is really far away.Back home, he slept beside his sister, recalling the past, face full of lonely, let a person feel distressed unceasingly.The role of Jing Hao, feelings are very complicated, yi Yangqianxi is only 21 years old this year.But he relied on his own amazing acting, jingho in the face of suffering when the hope, perseverance, performance incisively and vividly.After the broadcast, Yi Yangqianxi’s acting, by many audiences praise him as “old drama bone”.In fact, “miracle stupid child” is successful, yi Yangqianxi is not a person’s credit.There are 6 willing to do the supporting role of green leaves, they are the real work.01, Tian Yu (Liang Yongcheng) Tian Yu in this film, the spirit of green leaves to the extreme.Acting skills, but do not overshadow the limelight, with his consistent funny humor, to help men continue to grow.”Workshop director” this role, for Tian Yu, as if is tailor-made general.In and men pull partners to engage in business at the same time, but also with their own life experience, to guide men step by step into the society.Many times for men to contribute to the scheme, constantly promote the development of the plot, the lack of tian Yu in this work, will be eclipsed.If the male master is desperately engaged in business, make money to save people, that Tian Yu set, is to use humor to ease the pain.Tian Yu in the play, the trademark smile, let a person instantly break defense.At the beginning to cooperate, Tian Yu played liang Yongcheng, as a vivid old father.As a workshop director, he only had to manage a staff.And Liang Yongcheng this role, but all the way follow star Jing Hao, talk about rent, even layout production line, cleaning, etc., it can be said is super intimate.And when treating a family, Tian Yu opens sweet pattern again.When he saw his lover, he would smile with his eyes full of honey and a little doting.Especially when they parted, he waved and blew a kiss.The spread of dog food caught the audience off guard.No wonder netizen comment: whenever tian Yu comes with a spring breeze, it always makes people feel warm.In fact, with his acting skills, he was more than enough to be a leading actor, but for so many years, he chose to be a leaf.For example, in the 2019 drama “Celebration of Life”, he played the role of “Wang Qinian”, which was the punchline of the whole drama.As the old drama bone, his every move in the play, let a person look at the head.02, Qi Xi (Wang Chunmei) in the film, like Tian Yu more than one gold medal supporting role, the performance of the actress Qi Xi is still not bad.Qixi’s looks, they’re not amazing.Since her debut, however, she has been known for her acting skills and is loved by directors.In the film, Qi Xi plays the role of a middle-aged woman.One of the most important characteristics of this character is that he often speaks very loudly because he is hard of hearing.Therefore, in the factory, she has been subjected to other people’s eyes.Not only that, because of her poor hearing, her salary in the factory was very low.Although her heart is very unwilling, but also for the son and grit teeth insist.She also thought about leaving the component factory and living somewhere else.But when she saw her son at home and needed to raise him, she endured all the unfair treatment and insisted on her post all the time.Her voice is loud indeed, but her heart is very kind.Without her, the tender side of the whole show would be much less glamorous.And she and jing Hao interaction, it is from the side highlights the feelings of Jing Hao change.When Wang Chunmei is bullied, Jing Hao directly stands up and mixes with wang chunmei’s bullies.This scene, Wang Chunmei see in the eyes, but the heart is rolling a feeling of confusion.Qixi’s acting is very good, and she is low-key, in the entertainment circle, never make scandal, also do not fall in love with variety shows.When there is a play, into the cast, when there is no play, at home to think about acting.But every time she appears on the show, she’s amazing.In Anything Grows, for example, her character is still unlikable, but she manages to hold up the show with her superb acting skills.Gong Lei (Zhang Longhao) in the movie, gong Lei plays a powerful boxer.Because of his prison record, he was repeatedly turned down for a job.Until the electronics factory opened up, he just by chance, into the electronics factory to work.The role of the sense of contrast is very strong, if Tian Yu is funny, the role of Zhang Longhao, is the contrast meng.Of gong Lei personate “zhang Longhao” appearance looks at the milk fierce milk fierce, what like most is to use the look in the eyes hurricane play.Because of his personality, he seldom chats with others in his work.When others ask him personal questions, he also likes to intimidate others with a sharp look in his eyes.Everyone knew he was a fighter before, so no one messed with him.At the factory he was lonely and had few friends.But in his personal life, he used love to warm many animals.Such as in the factory, he secretly adopted a large group of stray dogs, and after The discovery of Jing Hao, he has changed the usual indifference, but whispered assurance, will pay attention to later.It was originally a cruel person with few words, but suddenly became a good child with a fierce milk. This contrast is very interesting.4, Huang Yao (Wu Xiaoli) Huang Yao’s role is also quite a sense of contrast, itself she is a look more amazing actress.But in the play, it deliberately erased the sense of beauty, incarnation of ordinary excavator workers.In everyone’s impression, most of the excavators are rough men, and this time to see the role of Huang Yao, but give a person a kind of life, life has its own bitter sense of both.Huang Yao as Wu Xiaoli is a warm mixed with “stupid” role.She believes that she will grow up in the ups and downs, so she never gives up a glimmer of hope.In the factory building did not, workers wages are not out of the situation, into a desperate male jinghao face of despair.He did not know how to do, and at this time, “Wu Xiaoli, Liang Shu” and other people, have stood in front of Jing Hao, to help him through the difficulties together.This scene, touched countless people.Wu Xiaoli has been working hard and has never missed a day.She is eager to make money, but when seeing Jing Hao despair, she gives up salary decisively and is willing to do it for nothing.Her appearance reflects the most sincere friendship in the world.In the play, although not much, but her passion for life, but let countless people moved.Huang Yao is one of the best actors of the past 90 years.05, Xu Juncong (Zhang Chao) Xu Juncong played a role in the film is a homeless, because of their own talent, was specially recruited by the male jinghao to work in the electronics factory.Compared with Tian Yu, Xu Juncong is a pure optimist + funny character.Just from the modelling, let a person minute laugh.A head of greasy hair almost knotted, but also to play a handsome form, how to look like not to act, but to smash the scene.However, although his painting style is funny, but the characterization of the character is very standard.If he as a worker, still do not change was chasing the wind youth’s initial heart.And he is good to male hero Jing Hao, always inadvertently reflect.This kind of humorous character, for the whole work, add a lot of elegant demeanour.As a supporting actor, Hui’s appearance is like a sudden flash of brotherly affection during Jing Ho’s troubled years.06, Chen Harin (small Jing Tong) Chen Harin in the play as a seriously ill sister, not much drama, but she is the source of the whole story to promote the power.Because of her, Jing Hao can move forward bravely and not be afraid of difficulties.Although Chen Harin is very young, but she uses the most real feelings, to touch the hearts of countless audiences.While her brother was braiding her hair, she did not say a word, but the work on her hands did not stop, trying to pass the steamed stuffed bun to her brother to eat.When she saw Jing Hao injured, she rushed to comfort, on the ground with medicine in a hurry.In this part, I don’t know if it is her true feelings, one look makes the audience can’t help crying.Perhaps because the script needs, so she acted so clever and sensible.But in her eyes, there is always a worry and hope, which is difficult for many young actors to do.In this play, each character is using their own behavior, to convey the difficult life.The more mundane, the more likely it is to resonate with viewers, because no one’s family or career is perfect in real life.Fortunately, Jinghao finally ushered in his own dawn, was valued by the company’s boss, and he signed a contract.And he gets paid to save his sister’s life.The supporting actors in front of the camera have their own wonderful performance.Behind them, voice actor Wang Chuanjun and director Wen Muye also play an important role.Wen muye controls the authenticity of the film to the extreme, and he always puts the quality of the film first.In the movie, there are a lot of ordinary and ordinary professions, such as air cleaners, busy chefs, white haired guards still stick to their posts.Wen Muye from the filming of their behavior details, to promote the development of the plot of the feelings, can be said to be extremely clever.What is a miracle?Maybe after watching “Stupid Kids”, everyone will know!When each small person, in creating their own miracle of life, will also go to light the miracle of a city.Never give up easily, because in this world, than you have the unfortunate people, there are a lot of.# Movie Miracle Dumb kid #