Manchester United infighting erupts!Lang SAN become lang Hi, the players hope to coach bo Shuai, Ronaldo secretly happy

2022-04-29 0 By

Manchester United replaced sosohandsome last year with the so-called German godfather, Michael Rangnick.Before he took charge, he was known as the modern tactician, the team builder and the only mentor to tuchel and Klopp.But after coming to United, the team also saw his true quality.So far there has been little difference between the team and sosoe’s tenure, when sosoe was sacked because of a hectic schedule of matches against Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.So it was a series of heavy defeats, but now it was a fairly easy schedule, full of teams at the bottom of the league, but Lonick didn’t pick up the points.In particular, after yesterday’s 1-1 draw at the bottom of the table, Manchester United also broke out in internal strife, and today it is clear that there is a number of players interested in new manager mauricio pochettino.They are hoping that pochettino will arrive soon.Save them, the players now think it will be hard for Rangnick to get them into the top 4.Pochettino’s experience of managing in the Premier League and his faith in young players have also given them hope.It is not clear whether ronaldo is also backing pochettino’s move to replace Rangnick.But it is clear that Ronaldo would be delighted to see the dismissal of Lonick, who was forced to sit on the bench yesterday.The team did not win in the end and the manoeuvring cost him all favour with Cristiano Ronaldo.If he leaves, Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly not retain him and support him.Rangnick is really more real, in less than six months, from Longsan to Longhi.The manager of this club, Manchester United, is really not ordinary people can sit!