Yuechi county party history county records office to learn and implement the provincial party secretary Peng Qinghua survey condolence provincial local records work office speech spirit

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 10, yuechi County Party history county annals office held a staff meeting to convey the spirit of learning from peng Qinghua, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, to visit the provincial local Chronicles work office’s speech, and in accordance with the requirements of the 2022 National provincial local Chronicles Organization Directors’ meeting, arrangements for the 2022 historical Chronicles work.The meeting stressed: first, we should earnestly implement the spirit of Secretary Peng Qinghua’s speech, earnestly shoulder the mission of The Times to make a statement for the Party, preserve the history of the country and improve the aspirations of the people, do a good job of key work around the overall situation of provinces, cities and counties, record the historical changes, and concentrate on helping the new era and serving the new era.Second, we should grasp the main line of work and actively carry out compilation work this year, compile yuechi Yearbook (2022) and local literature with great efforts, and summarize the experience of the second round of revision and plan the third round of revision.Third, we need to carry forward local excellent traditional culture, assist in the “second half” of rural revitalization and service reform, and complete the compilation of 27 township (sub-district) Chronicles and 6 village (community) Chronicles of Yuechi County with high quality by 2024.Fourth, to serve the local government research and services, actively participate in the construction of Chai Yunzhen’s personal deeds exhibition center, polish the cultural logo of Yuechi, help yuechi’s economic and social development.Fifth, we should improve our position and take the initiative to improve the development plan of local Chronicles in the 14th five-year plan in combination with the construction of shuangcheng economic circle and the development direction of county economy in Chengdu-Chongqing area, and help local Chronicles develop in a good way.