The Afghan Ministry of Refugee Affairs has distributed Chinese aid materials to people in many places

2022-04-28 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Kabul, January 30 (Reporter Shi Xiantao)The Ministry of Refugee Affairs of the Afghan interim government distributed a batch of grain recently assisted by the Chinese government to several provinces on April 29.A shipment of rice and wheat from China was delivered to Kandahar, Helmand, Farah and Ghor provinces, Afghan interim government official Hassar Moslih told reporters on Sunday.Mosleh thanked China for providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.Recently, many Afghan people have received humanitarian aid supplies from the Chinese government.The Ministry of Refugee Affairs of the Afghan interim Government distributed winter supplies such as clothes and blankets assisted by the Chinese government to 1,000 impoverished women in Kabul province on April 26.”We thank China for providing us with aid supplies to help us survive the cold winter,” Said Luo Na, a resident of Kabul province, in an interview with Xinhua.Afghanistan is facing a serious humanitarian crisis.UN agencies estimate that 22.8 million people, or more than half the population, have faced serious food insecurity in Afghanistan since November.The Chinese government announced last September that it would provide Afghanistan with 200 million yuan worth of emergency humanitarian assistance, including food, winter supplies, vaccines and medicines.