Zhangjiajie fire protection: busy publicity “forever” to keep safe with the crowd

2022-04-26 0 By

Massachusetts moment zhangjiajie February 11 – (correspondent Hu Zhiqing) to strengthen the sense of the general public mass fire safety, resolutely prevent and curb “small fire in the fire accident happened, outlaws for days, fire rescue team into the jurisdiction of yongding district shopping malls, supermarkets, stores and other personnel crowded place conduct fire control safety propaganda activities.In the activity, the brigade propagandists issued fire safety propaganda color pages to businesses and the masses in the past, while using easy-to-understand language to explain in detail how to correctly use fire, electricity, gas, fire extinguishers in daily life, how to prevent fire, escape and self-rescue fire safety common sense.At the same time, remind everyone to carry out regular hidden trouble self-examination and self-correction, especially pay attention to check whether the socket, wire and other aging, do not overload electricity, leaving the shop, home or sleep to do “people off, people off”.Through the publicity activities, further to the broad masses of citizens to pass, popularize the knowledge of fire safety, effectively improve the awareness of fire safety and self-defense self-rescue ability, to create a safe, harmonious, stable fire safety environment.In the next step, Yongding Brigade will continue to strengthen the strength, depth and breadth of fire publicity work, actively carry out various forms of publicity activities, comprehensively improve the area of the people’s ability to resist fire.