Reading the application of Mind Mapping in Teaching

2022-04-25 0 By

Today I read the book “Mind Mapping in Teaching” with resonance reading method again.The so-called resonance reading method is a way to find empathy with the author while reading.So you can finish a book quickly in a short time.The five steps of resonance reading: Step 0: Get in touch with the book and know your purpose.Step 1: Let your brain “download” information by browsing casually.Step 2: Draw a curve in a three-column table.Step 3: Pick the words from the page of interest in the curve.Step 4: Read with questions based on the words that interest you.Step 5: Develop a plan of action based on ideas from the book.What impressed me most about this method of reading is that no matter what book you read, you should have your own purpose and be clear about what problems you want to solve by reading this book.Only with the purpose to read, in order to have a target, in order to improve the speed of reading, in order to solve their own problems, only open their own thinking, start their own brains, in order to play the greatest benefit of knowledge, improve their reading and problem-solving efficiency.Through reading the application of Mind Mapping in Teaching, I realized the origin of mind mapping, the importance of mind mapping, how to do mind mapping and how to do mind mapping in teaching to improve teaching efficiency.In fact, BEFORE this, I also read a book about mind mapping.I have realized the importance of mind mapping.The knowledge we learn is like the parts of a car.A mind map is like a worker who builds a machine and connects the parts to build a car.What about the application of knowledge, like a driver who knows how to drive a car to get it going.From this we can also understand the importance of mind mapping. If machine parts are stacked together, it is a pile of waste, if it can be made into a car, it has the value of a car, if it is made into an airplane, it is the value of an airplane.All of this, so no matter what we do or learn knowledge or, we have to put these parts to think of ways to connect it in series, to be able to make all parts play a greater role.So the key is how we turn our mind into a mind map is the most important.The book also tells us to draw a mind map, the first thing to determine the center of a thinking, the next step is to determine the branch 2, step 3 to add the specific details, and then step 4 look at our map, leak fill a vacancy, try to put all of our knowledge, or is like our each pearl necklace, all want to wear,The result is a priceless necklace or a best-functioning car.There is a gold house in the book, there is Yan Ruyu in the book, as long as we open the book will open the key to the treasure house of knowledge, as long as we read a book, we can get the gold we want from the book.By reading this book, realized the importance of the mind map again, also know how to use a mind map to guide our work and life, is only then to acquire knowledge is knowledge, only we will use into our own knowledge, so in the work life, then the most important thing is to have to practice, the books of knowledge into their own knowledge,Become a better way to improve your work efficiency.