Did Biden get what he wanted?As Europe suffers from Russia’s standoff with Ukraine, German officials say they have run out of gas

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Ever since the United States single-handedly provoked the Crisis in Ukraine three months ago by hyping up the “Russian invasion of Ukraine”, its European Allies, especially the EU member states represented by Germany and France, have been in an extremely awkward position.On the one hand, Europe must bind itself to America for strategic security, given the tensions on its border with Ukraine.But on the other hand, Europe’s strategic independence has just started, and Europeans are unwilling to be bound to the United States. Therefore, both Macron and Scholz are trying to ease the relationship between Russia and Ukraine and defuse the influence of the United States on the situation in Russia and Ukraine.But the United States is not afraid of brush conflict between Russia and Ukraine, afraid of is put aside in Europe the United States to solve safety problems, so the United States expressed dissatisfaction, Germany and France to actively mediate originally american-led “crisis” in Ukraine, has control of the eu’s energy security, and plan to cut European energy independence, so will Europe dragged into “energy trap” biden is one of the plan.Sure enough, when Scholz came to Moscow to communicate with Putin, the “bad news” came from Germany.Germany’s natural gas reserves have fallen to a record low, according to the Global Times.Germany’s gas storage facilities are running at 35% capacity, significantly lower than in previous years, according to a representative of the German economy ministry, and the government admitted last week that the country’s gas reserves had fallen to “worrying” levels.Leaks in energy security are perhaps the chancellor’s most difficult problem.Energy supplies in Europe have been so erratic this winter that prices have soared.The Dutch TTF, a barometer of European gas prices, rose to 88 euros per megawatt hour on Friday, the highest price this month, while Germany’s electricity prices have also risen dangerously.The US predated the Ukraine crisis in terms of European energy security.As early as last September, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was completed, but due to censorship problems, it has been delayed to use, many media reports, behind the suspension of Nord Stream 2 is the shadow of the United States.Without pressure from the United States, Merkel would not have been able to stop nord Stream 2, which was pushed by Merkel to cooperate with Russia even at the risk of falling out with Trump, at the end of her term. However, the new German government also gave nord Stream 2 cold treatment after taking office.For months, the United States had hoped that Germany would use Nord Stream 2 as a “geopolitical weapon” against Russia, but Scholz did not commit, even after Biden threatened that Nord Stream 2 would “cease to exist if Russia invaded Ukraine.”He spoke neither of restoring ventilation nor of abolishing it.Scholz is well aware that, to this day, It is hard for Germany to escape American calculations.Now, with Europe facing a huge shortfall in natural gas supplies due to the Ukraine crisis, Biden’s goal has finally been achieved.Just this past weekend, U.S. LNG export terminals were full of tankers waiting to unload, which will soon be loaded with U.S. natural gas bound for Europe. On a day when U.S. natural gas exports also set a record, the U.S. found a new way to make money.In December, the United States became the world’s largest gas exporter for the first time, thanks to surging demand from Europe.While the U.S. is frantically exporting natural gas, it has also invited Allies such as Japan and South Korea to provide natural gas resources to Europe.So far, Europe’s energy security has been largely in The hands of the United States, with nord Stream 2 as the only variable.Technically, Biden single-handedly created Europe’s energy crisis, but he’s only halfway there, and if Europe then turns to Russia, the White House has nothing to lose.Originally from the Social Democratic Party, Scholz attached great importance to Russia. Russian natural gas with low price and good quality can not only effectively alleviate the energy crisis in Europe, but also ensure the energy security of Germany.It was a deal that pleased both Russia and Germany.Russia provides Europe with more than a third of its natural gas for years, which is difficult for the United States to replace in a short time, and with the development of the pandemic, Russia’s position as an energy supplier to Europe is increasingly secure.The desire for Cooperation between Russia and Europe has never been more evident than in the markets, where the announcement late last month of a German subsidiary for Nord Stream 2 sent European stock markets soaring on good news.But if Russia and Germany are happy, America will be angry.Part of the reason the United States created the “Ukraine crisis” was to completely sever ties between Russia and Europe and put an end to nord Stream 2.Scholz, however, is unlikely to deny Biden’s views, but he will not give up his own interests.The resilience of the German chancellor, who has just visited The United States, is perhaps the biggest strength that European politicians who want to free themselves from American shackles have in their game with America.