As a shadow leopard on a work car, iAcro transformed it into this

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As an independent brand entry sport model new force, this period of time gaC Trumpchi shadow leopard can be said to earn enough limelight.At present, young people need such an interesting car model that breaks the convention and conforms to the trend of aesthetic and active heart.Young people’s PICK is firmly in its grasp, watching iAcro play “leopard power” drag.Movement orientation, dynamic design, close to the people’s price, there have been a lot of shadow leopard modified works recently, with topic attributes it let crotch master eyes a bright.Just the company business travel needs both convenient driving experience and do not lose the character of the work car, so the shadow leopard J10 flying version of the natural came to our side to shoulder the heavy responsibility.Just never expected, our designer “superb” driving skills let shadow leopard accident hanging color…In order to make up for the mistake, he thought hard about the “change instead of repair” program and transformed it into what it is today.Edges and corners are not only the appearance, but also represent the inner.Advocate active card it broke through trumpchi before bring everyone inside collect impression.Although the J10 Version uses a different grille design style than the J15/J16 version, it does not affect the sharp visual effect.Black front bar with customized front shovel, full lines outline the rich aggressive, both sides of the envelope Angle slightly extended to the top, set off with the wide body shape.Combined with the characteristic staggered surface and line body of Yingbao body, the wide body shape was finalized after several optimization adjustments.In line with the original design, the shape is extended and stretched by manual shaping, to further foil the sense of layers of the body.The wide-body end retracts inward at a sharp Angle, neatly.Slender body appearance, short before hanging, slip back car tail, it is temperament builds indispensable design gimmick.Black/white/gray multi-color overlay to create a striking visual effect.Those who blend in leopard grain and bright bright yellow do detail ornament, add active feeling also infuse tide feeling skillfully at the same time.The rear of the side skirt is specially designed with double layers, and the stereo visual effect of details cannot be ignored.Original factory hind bar is designed already enough outstanding, but consider for integral effect, after a design more exaggerated bold diffuser is indispensable, the style must join in accord.Low and vigorous sound or calm, customized valve exhaust can be switched at will.Again by a small duck tail as the embellishment supplement of slip back modeling, the sense of competition is controlled in the clever range, coordination is always the most important.Custom-made 19-inch two-piece rims from RAVIZE, with multiple gold chips and step molding rim, coincide with the overall style.Yo Yo made the right choice.Custom air suspension is developed by MagicAir measurement to show the beauty of low posture.The tail box also made a unique mechanical modeling.Both inside and outside need to be taken seriously.Minimalism does not mean simple, t-shaped central console is full of new ideas, air conditioning and other keys are simple and intuitive display in the central area, at a glance.All information is presented on a dual screen, and CarPlay/CarLife support makes daily driving easier.The aggressive 1.5-ton engine and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox are enough to make the driver feel active and dynamic.Young people buy easily, drive happily, excellent temperament, shadow leopard wonderful interpretation of today’s entry level sports models of high quality and standards.This time iAcro, with its superior sports tonality, further shows its various connections with the trend of life.How can you have fun with a car like this?If you also want to create a mind of the perfect shadow leopard, Trumpchi shadow leopard has been launched for the public “Leopard force cross-dressing, you come to dominate” modification contest, might as well compete.What kind of wonderful work will be born under the modification trend that belongs to it?Let’s wait and see!