Around the “double carbon” target, all regions strive to take the lead

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“Double carbon”, we are on the road. During the recent local “two sessions”, the reporter noticed that “double carbon” and “blue carbon” have not only become hot words discussed by deputies and committee members this year, but also been written into the government work report, with many highlights.Double carbon, we’re on our way.During the recent local “two sessions”, the reporter noticed that the words “double carbon” and “blue carbon” have not only become hot words discussed by deputies and committee members this year, but also been written into the government work report, with many highlights.Jiangxi province: The legislation of The Provincial people’s Congress promotes the realization of the “double carbon” target to ensure the realization of the “double carbon” target as scheduled, and the legislation of the Jiangxi People’s Congress takes the lead.Chen Huilong, deputy director of the General Office of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress and spokesman of the sixth session of the 13th Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress, introduced that the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress ensures that local legislation keeps pace with The Times, and many legislative work has already gone ahead, including “double carbon”.Jiangxi is the only province in China with the “National Forest City”, with a forest area of 155 million mu and a forest coverage rate of 63.1% or more.Last November, the thirteenth session of the standing committees of the people’s congresses in jiangxi province 34 meeting by carbon neutral on the support and guarantee carbon peak work decision “to promote the development of green transformation of jiangxi province, the provincial people’s congress in China first about the decision of the” double carbon “work, rules of the government, departments, enterprises, society and citizen five aspects of responsibility and nine aspects measures.”It has a very important practical significance for mobilizing provincial forces to participate in, promote and effectively implement the ‘double carbon’ work.””Said Li Xiuxiang, director of the Trade and Environmental Research Center at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.In 2022, Hainan will study and introduce a carbon peak implementation plan, striving to become a top student of “double carbon” work.”Based on the advantages of being a big ocean province, we will establish and operate the provincial blue carbon research center at a high level, and seize the international commanding heights in the study of ocean carbon sink.”Feng Fei, governor of Hainan province, delivered a government work report at the fifth session of the sixth People’s Congress of Hainan province on Jan 21.On the one hand, Hainan will implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, advocate a green and low-carbon way of production and life, and pilot low-carbon cities, low-carbon parks, low-carbon communities, low-carbon school districts, low-carbon scenic spots and low-carbon buildings.On the other hand, we will vigorously develop carbon finance, explore the “Hainan Path” for realizing the value of ecological products, basically complete the unified ownership confirmation and registration of natural resource assets in key areas, formulate local standards for assessing the value of ecological products, launch the first batch of pilot projects, and promote the pilot mechanism innovation of ecological compensation in the Basin of Chitian Reservoir.In addition, Hainan plans to complete afforestation of 100,000 mu;We will launch campaigns to prevent and control air pollution in winter and spring, and continue to strengthen and improve air quality.”As the province with the largest ocean area in China, Hainan has an innate advantage in developing blue carbon sinks.”Bi Hua, deputy of hainan Provincial People’s Congress, suggested that During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Hainan should vigorously develop blue carbon sinks as an important focus to improve the ability of Marine resources development.”The five layers in the Three-River Headwaters have important carbon sequestration capacity.”The protection and restoration of wetlands in the Sanjiangyuan region is of great significance in curbing the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming.”At the fifth session of the 12th CPPCC of Qinghai Province, Zhang Yonghe, member of the CPPCC of Qinghai Province and researcher of the State Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology of China University of Geosciences, suggested “double carbon”.Located in the heart of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, sanjiangyuan has 8,143,600 hectares of wetlands, making it one of the most influential ecological regulation areas in the world.”However, under the dual influence of climate change and human activities, hydrological changes, river regime evolution, sediment migration, desertification and wetland vegetation degradation in the Headwaters of the Three Rivers pose a threat to the water and carbon sequestration capacity of the marsh wetland system.Poor weather conditions and a lack of monitoring data have led to almost no relevant research.”Zhang Yong said.Zhang Yong believes that the background survey and dynamic change analysis of sanjiangyuan wetland resources should be carried out, and a three-dimensional monitoring system of carbon flux in sanjiangyuan wetland that integrates satellite remote sensing, ground monitoring, Internet of things transmission and model simulation should be built.He also suggested that important research results on carbon flux in wetland ecosystems be extended and applied to qinghai’s greenhouse gas emission reduction and carbon trading practices.Guangxi: one push “reducing the pollution, carbon reduction, optimal ecological” reporter from the recently held the fifth session of the thirteenth National People’s Congress (NPC) in guangxi, according to the past year, overall propulsion in various areas in guangxi industries “double carbon” work, promote comprehensive green transformation, economic and social development in 2022 will continue to push forward with the ordered carbon peak, carbon neutral, actively participate in the construction of the national carbon emissions trading market.Guangxi has carried out energy-saving transformation in six energy-intensive industries, accelerated the construction of five national resource comprehensive utilization bases in Fangchenggang, Guigang, Wuzhou, Baise and Yulin and the national Green Industry demonstration base in Wuzhou, and established more than three green industrial parks and more than 20 green factories.At the same time, we will improve the mix of coal and new energy, promote ecological restoration of abandoned mines, promote green buildings, promote certification of green and low-carbon products, deepen reform of the compensation system for ecological protection, advance trials to realize the value of ecological products, and intensify efforts to save energy in public institutions.”We need to focus on ecological civilization, fight for blue sky, clear water and pure land, accelerate the improvement of ecological carbon sink capacity, and make Changzhou the most desirable city for young people to innovate and start businesses.”On the fifth session of the 13th Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress held recently, Chen Jinhu, head of the Changzhou delegation and party secretary, said.Last year, Under the background of “double carbon” cycle, Changzhou focused on the construction of ecological priority green development demonstration area along the river.Chen jinhu said that Changzhou is close to the Yangtze River in the north, so it should adhere to the principle of “protecting the Yangtze River and not developing it”, consciously protect the “one river and clear water”, and make efforts to make the Yangtze River protection and high-quality development take the lead.”Changzhou will carry out the five actions of ‘stop conversion, dismantle green reclamation’, resolutely implement the ’10-year ban on fishing’, fully implement the pilot program of national comprehensive management and sustainable development of water environment in Tao Gehu District, strengthen the system management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grass, and actively create the practice and innovation base of ‘Two Mountains’.”Chen jinhu said.Disclaimer: the above content is reproduced from China Energy net, the content does not represent the position of this platform.National Energy Information Platform Tel: 010-65367702, email:, Address: People’s Daily, No.2 Jintai West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing