Ran Shouxue, an elderly man in China, presents calligraphy as a gift for the Winter Olympics

2022-04-24 0 By

With the opening of the Winter Paralympic Games getting closer and closer, the elderly calligraphers in Zhongmou County drum and shout for the Winter Olympics in the form of calligraphy.January 26, Zhongmou County rong media center reporters into the zhongmou County calligraphy and painting research association secretary General Ran Shouxue home, see he is writing couplets: “blue goose send spring breeze letter, the motherland led the Winter Olympics, celebrating the Winter Olympics.”The wall is also covered with a lot of calligraphy works, such as running script, regular script, seal script, content of the Winter Olympics, fighting against the epidemic, praise of great men.”Ice and snow are symbols of purity, and ice and snow sports are energetic sports.The purpose of my creation is to continue the Olympic glory for China at the time of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Because of the epidemic and my age, I couldn’t go to Beijing to watch it. Although I felt sorry, I also had to do something for the Olympics, so I picked up a brush to write couplets to add luster to the Winter Olympics and cheer for The Chinese athletes.”Ran Shouxue is 66 years old this year. For decades, he has helped the county’s elderly painting and calligraphy lovers create many excellent painting and calligraphy works, which has injected positive energy into the cultural strength of Zhongmu County.Since he served as the vice president of zhongmou County elderly painting and calligraphy Research Association and the third secretary general, monthly activities are uninterrupted, and actively report calligraphy works to all levels of painting and calligraphy organizations, and hold 1-2 individual painting and calligraphy exhibitions every year.Lei Yu, the 74-year-old chairman of zhongmou County calligraphy and Painting Research Association for the elderly, told reporters: “Ran shouxue has perfected the beauty of calligraphy and ice sports with his exquisite skills, reflecting his blessing for the 2022 Winter Olympics.”Ran Shouxue has been engaged in education for many years and has a certain basis of calligraphy, but he still participated in zhongmou County elderly calligraphy Research Association as a student. He was taught by wang Zuyou, Lei Yu and many other book friends. Through hard practice, he has certain calligraphy attainments.Zhongmou County elderly calligraphy and painting Research association member Wei Yunji said: “Ran Shouxue we met when we were in The English class, although he has been a leader for a long time, but he is never arrogant, very modest and gentle to people is very warm, his work comments are very in place.”(Benin Ran Xuejin)