“Our Hot Life”, Qi Zhang and Jin Zhang sang “Lonely Souls” to pay tribute to the legal aid community

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“I think legal aid lawyer is not a shining profession, he has to go to the most embarrassing scenes, the corners of the place, to bring the light of hope to people who need it,” zhang Qihuai, a senior lawyer and legal aid instructor of Our Hot Life, said on the program.”…Lit a weak candle, heart can illuminate, the night is no longer spread…Let me scream and burn up all my enthusiasm…”A song deep and distant, sonorous and firm, straight to the hearts of the “Lonely soul”, resounding in the “Our Hot Life” to pay tribute to the legal aid group hot live.Zhang Qihuai revealed that by 2021, there are only more than 100,000 legal aid lawyers in China, which is too difficult to serve 15 million specific groups. He expects more people to join the legal aid lawyers team.Is due to the particularity of legal aid work, legal aid lawyers are a lot of time on the way to the pursuit of fairness and justice walk alone, lonely soul, like the French aid lawyer and many other of their value to the spirit of the lonely road formation group responsory, warmth, acupuncture is strong, firm, is to use music to comfort those strong lonely soul.”Lonely Soul” is a song from black Panther’s Album “True Colors” in April 2017, written by Qi Zhang and Nan Zheng, composed by Qi Zhang and arranged by Qi Zhang.At previous Black Panther shows, the song was performed as a group.In this tribute to the French aid group “hot Live”, Qi zhang sang with guitar for the first time, and together with Jin Zhang interpreted the beauty and power of this song.It is understood that “Lonely Soul” in the black Panther band in many classic songs, whether melody arrangement, or singing, guitar and other instruments interpretation difficulty, is relatively high song, in the “Hot Live”, has been very high quality presentation.Many audience danmu, social platforms said, “too good, too suitable for the legal aid group”, “to start the lonely soul single cycle”, “lonely soul is too wonderful”, “Several groups of high notes of Zhang Qi is crazy to listen to”, “such a difficult song, Zhang Jin singing surprise”……A search of Black Panther’s albums and eps reveals a treasure trove of songs, including Reboot, Everything Is The Best Arrangement, And Battle, which have appeared frequently since 2021, as well as Blue Far Away and Great You…Each capital is very nice, head, the key is full of vigorous blood power, let a person’s spirit.Maybe that’s the charm of rock ‘n ‘roll.