Foreign investors bid for free trade ports

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Plant acceptance, license management, production line design……In Haikou’s Jiangdong New District, Meng Weiwei, the general manager of The Company, Luqiao Food Manufacturing (Hainan) Co., LTD., has been busy.By mid-spring, the project is expected to be officially operational, making it hainan’s first foreign-funded chocolate production line.Last November, in the 4th China International Import Expo, Canada green Chocolate Factory Co., Ltd. signed a contract to land in Haikou Jiangdong New Area.As its project company, Luqiao Hainan Company will rely on the relevant policies of Hainan Free Trade Port to create a chocolate cultural creative industry base integrating production and processing, cultural creativity, image display, tourism and consumption.”Hainan free Trade port zero tariff, offshore island duty-free policies, very conducive to the development of the company.”Meng weiwei said that the company mainly produces and operates a variety of pure handmade chocolate products, raw materials from Europe, Canada and other places, “Hainan free Trade port will become a strong fulcrum to better explore the Chinese market.”The Central Economic Work Conference called for more high-level opening-up, more institution-based opening-up, better national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises, more investment from multinational companies, and faster implementation of major foreign-funded projects.Driven by the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, hainan continues to see a boom in foreign investment.According to statistics from the Department of Commerce of Hainan province, 1,936 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established in the province in 2021, up 92.64% over the previous year.Paid-in foreign investment reached US $3.52 billion, an increase of 16.2% over the previous year, ranking among the highest in terms of the scale and growth of paid-in foreign investment in China.To build a national ecological civilization pilot zone, Hainan Free Trade Port’s “ecological card” is also attracting foreign investment.Reporters in The Green Protection Shenzhou (Hainan) New Energy Construction and Development Co., LTD. Kitchen waste harmless treatment expansion project site to see, workers are tense construction.In order to complete the project by April, workers will continue to work during the Spring Festival.The company is controlled by The world famous resource regeneration and environmental services enterprise Europol Group, mainly engaged in the production and service of organic waste harmless treatment and resource utilization.Since ou Lvbao entered Hainan, the company continues to expand investment.”In addition to the plant, EUROpol is also building an engineering RESEARCH and development center in Hainan, and will even set up its Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in the future.”Company deputy general manager Yao Jia said.In recent years, Hainan has made great efforts to adjust its economic structure, and accelerated the establishment of a modern industrial system represented by tourism, modern service industry and high-tech industry.From February 1, 2021, the Special Administrative Measures on Access to Foreign Investment in Hainan Free Trade Port (Negative List) (2020 version) will be officially implemented to promote the opening-up of the service sector and relax access to the manufacturing sector.Under the guidance of a series of policies and opportunities, more and more foreign investment in Hainan has flowed to the real economy.In 2021, the actual use of fdi in modern services and manufacturing accounted for more than 97 percent of the total, while the actual use of FDI in real estate accounted for only 2.2 percent, down nearly 23 percentage points from 2018.In the field of shipping, Singapore Greenland Petroleum Operation Co., Ltd. has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to carry out the safety and pollution prevention management of global ocean engineering vessels.In the field of heat supply, EDF signed a contract with Yangpu to construct and operate the public heat pipe network project in yangpu Petrochemical functional area.In the field of maintenance and manufacturing, shengzhuang Technology (Hainan) Co., LTD. ‘s printing equipment bonded maintenance and reengineering project was launched and started business…Policies will be implemented and the environment will be improved.Hainan has adopted multiple measures to improve the business environment for foreign investment, such as setting up and continuously improving the “single window” for international investment and “single window” for international trade, and opening a global investment service hotline to facilitate investment and business in Hainan by global enterprises.Hainan provincial department of commerce officials said that hainan will continue to promote the investment field wider and wider, deeper in the field of opening to the outside world, well implement free trade port in hainan province foreign investment access negative list and special measures to relax market access, to establish and perfect the system of fair competition and investor protection, and create a more attractive investment environment,Attract more and higher quality foreign investment projects to land.(Xinhua)