Why can the child have the mood that refuses to learn weariness to learn?

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To the school season, as parents, I believe that many parents will face the problem of children weariness, some children just a short weariness refused to learn or the situation is not serious, but some of the time is very long, some children even do homework on “stomachache” and “headache”, a book is sleepy.And every year, the new concept of psychological consultant Xie teacher will receive visitors parents pour out such: “usually very clever children, today ready to go to school when the child suddenly said uncomfortable, do not want to go to school?””Take the kid off for the better part of a month. The doctor says he’s not sick, but when it comes to school, he says he’s sick again?””My child doesn’t go to school. He seems to live a very leisurely life at home. I am worried to death.Is this the case with your child?If the child refused to learn the situation of weariness, as a parent, will be very worried, how is the child?What’s a parent to do?Today, psychological consultant Teacher Xie takes you into the inner world of children who refuse to learn, how parents deal with children who refuse to learn should first understand the causes of children refuse to learn.According to research, children refuse to learn, weariness, generally have the following reactions: 1.They seek the comfort and safety of their home and like to stay with their patriarch.2. When it’s time to go to school, you show signs of being upset.3. Children may behave violently when they are forced to go to school.Children don’t hide from their parents that they don’t want to go to school.Only by understanding the causes of school weariness and refusal to learn can we effectively intervene. Refusal to learn and refusal to learn are usually heterogeneous and multi-factorial. In terms of individual factors, it may be separation anxiety and mental disorders (such as anxiety disorders or affective disorders) caused by children’s reluctance to separate from important others.In terms of family factors, it may be parents’ divorce or quarrel, parents’ excessively strict requirements on children, neglect of children’s feelings, etc., while in terms of school factors, such as poor relationship with classmates, bullying, improper teacher education, etc., are all possible reasons.According to the reasons for children’s weariness and refusal to learn behavior, it can be divided into the following four categories: (1) escape will cause negative emotional stimulation function: refusal to learn, weariness is because the child to escape will make him feel negative emotions (such as anxiety or fear) people and things (such as teachers, classmates, classrooms, etc.).(two) escape from the function of social or evaluation situation: refuse to learn, weariness is because the child to escape will make him disgusted or hate the situation (such as report on stage, classmates, exams, etc.).(three) to get attention function: refusal to learn, weariness is because the child in order to obtain the attention of important others (such as not to go to school can stay around the mother, get the care of family, etc.).(four) access to substantially enhanced functions outside the school environment: refusal to learn weariness is because children can get other benefits outside the school (such as Internet access, play video games, material use, etc.).According to the above four kind of different reasons, parents should be done according to the different psychological needs of the child’s psychological counseling, in order to solve the problem of children learning, school refusal, if parents feel overwhelmed in psychological counseling, to seek psychological help, consultants, professional psychological consultants can generally to comprehensive evaluation for the child’s psychological counseling,Effective intervention on children’s refusal to learn and weariness.This article was originally written by Professor Rong Xinxin. If you need to reprint it, please obtain permission and indicate the source.