Load capacity: 400 metric tons!The world’s largest rigid ore car rolled off the production line in XCMG

2022-04-23 0 By

On March 15, XDE440, the world’s largest rigid mine truck, rolled off the production line in Xugong. This product independently broke through a number of internationally leading key core technologies, filled the gap in China, and became another powerful tool to promote the large-scale development process of global mining dump truck.The xUGong XDE440 rigid harvester has its own load of 400 metric tons and is nearly three stories high, which is equivalent to pulling three of the world’s heaviest living creatures, blue whales, at one time. It also sets the world’s highest rear-drive rigid harvester load record.After nearly ten years of high-intensity and all-round breakthrough, XUGong Mining Machinery has become the only enterprise in China and one of the top five enterprises in the world that can develop and manufacture complete sets of large-scale open-pit mining equipment and industrialization.Complete sets of products have entered mainstream mining markets such as Africa, Australia, South America and Europe in batches, becoming a major participant in promoting the green and sustainable development of global mining industry.Xu Shi Rong media reporter: Xu Tengfei Yang Rui Duan Yiwei editor: Tang Qian Qi Beining